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Demo Diaries A&R, 1999-2006, Part 4

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July 17, 2001 Demo Diaries Online Sampler. Download MP3s Below by Each Band.

# Gene “Let Me Move On”

# They’ve been out of their deal with Polydor/A&M for some time now. New full length complete and available for label licensing in U.S. and UK. Some spins at KROQ LA, KCRW LA, WOXY Cincinnati. Contact Jay Schatz at Cave “Ledge”

# Pompano Beach, FL. This is a NEW demo. Contact Ted Bruner at Co-managed by Jerry Brenner Group. Lawyer is Joe Sofio. Show at Boston’s Bill’s Bar July 20. Don’t Look Down “On My Own”

# Philadelphia, PA. Contact Carl Porcaro at Manager is now Scott McGhee (Liz Phair). Lawyer is Bob Epstein. NYC showcase at CMS (rehearsal space) July 31 7PM, 515 W. 26th at 10th Ave. Buzz Poets “Facedown”

# Pittsburgh, PA. Draw 800+ people to local shows. Contact lawyer Doug Davis at VonRa “Inside Out”

# Orlando, FL. Contact Matt Alvers at Mother of Pearl “Borders”

# London, England. Band features Alessandra DeSiati. She’s an MTV Europe DJ. I love her voice, it’s way better than Johnette Napolitano’s (Concrete Blonde). Contact at Intensify “Your Own Disaster”

# Stamford, CT. Show tonight July 17 at New Haven, CT’s Toad’s Place, Contact Mike at Six Against Seven “Cave In”

# Atlanta, GA. Contact Ricky Harrison at Cooler “Rock Concert ’83”

# Louisville, KY. Contact SuperVillain “Silhouette”

# Los Angeles, CA. Contact Dave at Band features members from Downset. Looking for manager and lawyer. Slack Season “Sellout”

Gainesville/Orlando, FL. NEW demo. Contact John at

News: Philly’s The Red King is now with Sony Publishing. NYC shows August 3 at Wetlands, August 23 at Mercury Lounge. New tracks recorded with Louis Scalise (David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Tom Tom Club). LA’s Soul Kid showcases at LA’s Moomba (665 N. Robertson) in LA July 25 10PM. MCA, Lava, Interscope, London-Sire, Extasy scheduled to come out. Demo produced by Nic Jodoin. LA’s eastmountainsouth play a show at Moomba tonight July 17 10PM.

More Unsigned Artists in Regular Rotation at Commercial Radio: Cellarbirds on WZZO Allentown PA. 40 Foot Ringo on WDHA Dover NJ. 19 Wheels on KXNA Fayetteville AK. Chaotica on WEJE Ft. Wayne IN. ATM on WLIR NYC/Long Island and WCPR Biloxi MS. Nina Hynes on WBER Rochester NY. The Kim Band on CFOX Vancouver, BC?

p.s. Drowning Pool (Wind-Up) has sold well over 150,000 at this point.

July 9, 2001

Unsigned/Indie Acts who were/still are “added” at Commercial Radio:

Cave on WEDG Buffalo, WXDX Pittsburgh, WFNX Boston and others. The Juliana Theory (just signed with Epic though) and Buzz Poets on WXDX. Jesus Gun on WJBX Ft. Myers, FL. Cary Pierce on KKMR Dallas, KAMX Austin, WTMX Chicago. Spys4Darwin on KNDD Seattle. Gravel Pit on WFNX.

News: Michelle Branch (D Diaries 8/14/00). She went to the Maverick label. She’s on a lot of radio stations now with single “Everywhere”: WPLJ NYC, WLIR NYC/Long Island, KLLC San Fran., WBMX Boston, WTMX Chicago. Total of maybe 80 stations last I heard, 11 of them Top 40. CD drops 8/14/01. Why doesn’t Geffen get Cold’s “It’s All Good” added? And Dreamworks get Lifehouse’s “Everything” added? These songs are closer to evoking emotion. ASCAP Showcase July 10 at NYC’s Cutting Room, 19 W. 24th St. at Broadway. Eric Durrance to Wind-Up? In the spirit of Blink 182, Sum 41, Jimmy Eat World, New Found Glory etc…Don’t Look Down has completed a CD with indie Iguana Records. Private showcase tomorrow, I think manager Scott McGhee and some A&R exec will be there (email Manchester, England’s Haven is starting to develop thanks to the help of Johnny Marr. Anyway they’re sort of Jayhawks, CSNY, Doves, Gene..melodic and almost unique vocals with some falsetto/vibrato. Sold something like 4000 CDs and singles pretty fast and XFM London has them in rotation. EMI Publishing spends good money on its signings so continue to keep an eye on Revolver (new demos) and Monkey the Fish.

June 26, 2001

Watershed’s “Can’t Be Myself” added to commercial WWCD Columbus, OH (U.S. market 34). 20 spins/week. Possible near future adds at WLUM Milwaukee (market 31) and or WOXY Cincinnati (market 26), contact Ron Severance at Eric Durrance’s “So Wrong” spinning 30 times/week at Tallahassee’s WXSR (market 162). Bobby Selvaggio produced it, Scott Stapp (Creed) exec producer, contact Jeff Hanson at VonRa has a new CD on the way (Matt Alvers at Mars Needs Women has demo circulating. Michael Barbiero mixed first song. On The Bricks concert series August 3 show, contact Nancy Camp at Adharma has 3 song demo (done at Upstart Studios in Hoboken NJ), band features Tom Capone (Quicksand). Faceplant appears to have 3:33 and RCA looking into them (Michael Maroney at Lo-Ball signed to A&M, booked on Warped Tour. eastmountainsouth has demo circulating. The first song is really haunting and cool. I think Real World, Hit and Run among others are checking them out. Co-produced by Michael Brook (Hugo Vereker at Supergarage’s “Five Year Rut” added to four commercial stations, three in Ontario, Canada and one in Niagara Falls. They won Yahoo/Ford/BMG song contest (Marty Aitken at

*My Inquiry of the Week: I’m looking to get in touch with you if you’re a manager who has a big major label modern rock-adult alternative artist/band hitting the road in August, September or early Fall. I’d like to talk with you about filling the support slot with an extremely promising signed artist I have. Please email me at

June 18, 2001

Top engineer Dave Dominguez (Staind’s #1 “Break the Cycle”, Papa Roach, Powerman 5000, Orgy, new Guns N’ Roses, Stabbing Westward etc.) is set to produce demos with NYC band Nothing in July. Band’s lawyer is George Stein (Jeff Buckley). Now looking for reputable manager (contact is Noah Levi at

Emerging: Chicago hardcore band Lungbrush has demos produced by George Langis (Mudvayne, Lucky Boys Confusion). Drew 1054 people to recent show. Heard they have an offer from Victory. Chicago band Premium (cross between Bad Religion and System of a Down) has demos co-produced by Johnny K. Drew 400 to recent show. (for both bands contact Sean Duffy at

Indie Snob Pick: Orlando band Denison Marrs. Quite a nice indie sound, Sunny Day Real Estate meets Material Issue. They’re on playlist for weekend music format at commercial WTKS Orlando (Kyle Gringer at

What Ever Happened To These Demo Diaries Artists Featured Last Summer? Will Hoge (D Diaries 7/17/00) signing to Atlantic. Headspace (D Diaries 9/25/00) signs to Velvet Hammer/Atlantic. Drowning Pool (D Diaries 8/14/00) is MTV Buzzworthy Video and comes in at #81 on Billboard Album Chart.

And the summer before that? Flickerstick (D Diaries 8/16/99). You see them each week on VH1 series “Bands on the Run”. They scanned 700+ units last week and are in rotation on commercial radio in Oklahoma City, Orlando, Pittsburgh.

June 11, 2001

Mudcat Jones’ new song “Automatic” is a good one. Melodic like Tonic, Lit, Vertical Horizon (Alan Stewart at, Suzanne Wyllie’s new demo is another nice one to listen to. She’s still like Melissa Etheridge meets Paula Cole. LA showcase at The Mint June 13 7PM. She might get offer soon (Dave Margolis at, I heard Scotland group Suburbia is being flown to LA by Capitol to showcase June 14 at Viper Room. Interscope, RCA, V2, EMI Publishing expected to see them as well. A little bit of an accent in the vocals, maybe some chord progressions like Doves. Not like Travis, more pop rock than that. Despite comparisons to Radiohead, I don’t think so (Steve Gault at, Austin’s Next Big Something has a demo out and about. That song “Everything Little Thing” is hooky in a Goo Goo Dolls “Iris” kind of way. ASCAP show in NYC at Cutting Room July 10 (Aimee Berger at Atlanta’s Six Against Seven is starting out. No singles yet but I’d keep an eye on them over next 12 months. Kind of like Edwin McCain meets Lifehouse or Dishwalla (Ricky Harrison at Melodine’s “Petered Out” is still a good one. Sort of Replacements meet Son Volt. J, Columbia, Epic, MCA, RCA, Hollywood, Maverick, Beyond, Immergent, Ultimatum, Peer Music all have it. Show at Cole Stages June 12 7:45PM (Ben McClane at, Kelli Ali (formerly of Sneaker Pimps) is moving in on a U.S. deal apparently (talks with J and Interscope?). That girl’s voice is precious, reaks of sex appeal. Who cares about the songs, sign up the voice I say. But the songs will come to as Rick Nowels (Madonna, Dido, New Radicals, Texas, Melanie C, Sonique) is involved.


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