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Demo Diaries A&R, 1999-2006, Part 7

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July 25, 2002 Unsigned:

# School for Heroes. Orlando, FL. Similar to Deftones. Recorded with Adam Barber (Sevendust, Backstreet Boys etc.). Must contact me for more info “Sitting by the Wayside”

July 11-22, 2002 Unsigned:

NYC based act RA gets “Do You Call My Name” added to Boston commercial WAAF. Selling CDs locally because of it. Requests. Toby Wright mixed it. Like lighter Metallica, Tool, Korn. Managed by Andon Artists (Godsmack). UPDATE: Signed to Universal
# “Do You Call My Name”

Kansas City based act The Supernauts are on the fast track. 15-19 in age. Great pop-roots rock. Nice big hook with “The Yard”. Managed by Mark Shoffner (Incubus). Jim Wirt (Hoobastank, Incubus) expected to produce new songs.
# “The Yard”

# Sacramento based 7th Standard is circulating music produced by Orgy’s Amir Dirahk. The sound is not unlike Jimmy Eat World actually, perhaps a little more rock. I like the sonic quality, the band appears to be promising. Managed by Bair Management (Hoobastank, Papa Roach). “Half Closed Eyes”

Niagara Falls, NY act Klear has official adds at WEDG and WBUF Buffalo. NYC CBGB show July 23 8PM.
LA’s Fractional drew 300 recently to local show. Lava and Warner Bros. checking them out. Sort of Silverchair, Puddle of Mudd, Trust Company sounding.
San Francisco area band Lavabone featuring ex-players from Primer 55 and Insolence have new 3 song demo circulating produced by Dave Dominguez (Adema, Papa Roach, Staind, they draw 300+.
Celebrity plays Bowery Ballroom NYC July 18. Stereoblis at Arlene Grocery July 15 7PM.

June 25, 2002:

Assisted Living. Portland, Oregon. Draw 300 people to live shows. Compelling vocals, melodic. Modern rock edge but with a Jane’s Addiction influence. Two new MP3s below. ALL business questions to Gary at

# Assisted Living “Useless”

# Assisted Living “Smoke and Mirrors”

Unsigned Research: Texas act Evamore is officially added at KDGE Dallas with “30 Day Hump”. Winston is added at 7 commercial Canadian stations including CFOX, CJAY with the John Webster (Bif Naked, The Cult, Tom Cochrane) produced “Bottom of the World” and they draw 500+ in Vancouver. San Francisco act Five a.m. draws 250+ to live shows, still being added at smaller market AAA stations, will play Nadine’s Wild Weekend. Washington D.C. act The Lost Trailers are plugging away, booked by The Agency Group, Willie Nelson is a fan, Republic execs among others at recent NYC show (contact is Kio at Louisville act Element H seems to have a couple of Warner labels still tracking them, also one of the folks who helped get Guns ‘n Roses signed is into them, NYC showcase set for July.

June 14, 2002 A&R Notes:

# Tracer “Headlights”

# Chicago. I love this shit. Dark, moody, big rumbling bass sound. Think Stone Roses, My Bloody Valentine, The Cure. Good for TV/Film. End of Me “Higher Things”

Louisville, KY. Demo circulating to major labels at moment. Train meets 7 Mary 3 meets Sister Hazel meets Josh Joplin? David Chidekel lawyer, Mike Kempton/Scott Frazier management (Flaw, Outspoken).

New Address (Demo Diaries November 2001) signed to Atlantic. So that’s now 117 Demo Diaries artists that have gone on to record deals.
I caught the Sea Ray show at NYC’s Mercury Lounge finally. I think I counted 70+ in audience. They’re getting lots of college radio adds plus had KCRW etc.
Chomsky plays Merc Lounge June 18 9PM.

August 22, 2002 Unsigned:

# I really like this new demo by Logic 34 from Memphis, TN. Their demos from two years ago were very Deftones. But Rick Beato spanked them in the ass and turned out this Our Lady Peace, Hoobastank, Splender kinda hook. For the record, they have not signed with Maverick. “All But Over”

# I also like this 20 year old kid Justin Hulsey from Lenexa, Kansas. Very Jackson Browne, Ryan Adams, maybe some Pete Yorn influence, Josh Joplin too. “Last Road to Blue Skies”

I love Everybody Uh-Oh from Chicago. 20 year olds that are in vein of Yo La Tengo. They probably belong on Matador. A solid indie record. Kissing Chaos from Austin, a new act featuring ex-members of Pop Unknown, Sparta, Mineral. Reportedly, Elektra, Island, Warner Bros., Epic, Revelation were listening to them. Bad Wizard from NYC (AC/DC meets The Stooges). I heard V2 and Capitol were checking them out. The Hiss from Atlanta, I heard American and Virgin were flying them in and that Island has seen them a few times. Northern California’s Spiritfall, they finally wrote a decent song (“What Happened to the First Time”) in a Hoobastank kinda way. Also Northern Cali’s Slowlurries are pluggin away, early U2 meets Sunny Day Real Estate. Nice intensity with the song “Wine and Vinyl”. The Lost Trailers will get an offer from Republic soon? NYC’s SiSe (a Latin answer to Sade?) sold 30K domestically on Luaka Bop, but what’s next for them? Luxx did demos with John Travis (Kid Rock, Buckcherry). They got a commercial radio add in Springfield, MA. Katrina, the group’s singer does an off broadway show in NYC, will be in Playboy this fall, was on Howard Stern yesterday morning, 50,000 hits to band’s website followed, talk of deal memo even prior to this?! Baltimore’s Malvado will return for another showcase August 29 at NYC’s Downtime, they’ve been in touch with Lava, Roadrunner, TVT, Columbia, their song “Spark” is pretty catchy, new songs in the works. NYC’s Jonny Lives has music circulating, UK folks seem to be picking up on it. NYC’s Alablaster is trying to ignite at small market radio to much success with “The Rave in Sharka Park.”

October 9, 2002

# Marlow. NYC based band. 2 Brit members. Lava, Universal, Elekra, J, Island have been going to their rehearsals in past couple of weeks. Rock with industrial/electronic elements. Vaguely like Stabbing Westward, Faith No More. No manager. Engineer/producer Paul Logus is a fan. Contact and I’ll patch you through. Listen here: “Marlow Demo”

October 7, 2002

Reed Waddle out of Gainesville, FL. 19 years old. Heavy Counting Crows influence. I’ve taken a personal interest in this one over the past 7 days. Coming up fast on the heel of buzz indie artist Graham Colton except I think Reed is a bit more compelling (raw and soulful rather) with the looks of a John Mayer. Here are the songs done at home studio:

# “I Saw Stars”

# “Shaken”

# “Good-bye Surely”

October 2, 2002 Unsigned:

St. Louis act Neptune Crush with “Dead Air”. Love this shit. Janes Addiction, Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo, Blind Melon. Yet very progressive. Big things to come from them.
St. Louis act Disturbing the Peace with “Afraid to Breathe”. Sticks out as far as emo-crossver goes. I play it again and again so must be something there (both these acts found on Darren Hall’s KPNT-FM compilation. Also found on there is Big Blue Monkey who Maverick might already be picking up ).
Rockets and Cars has a good sound with “Soldiers”. No hits yet but sound is in the vein of Chili Peppers, U2, Incubus, Wayne.
LA’s Boink has a single with “Cocktail”. Needs remixing as does the rest of the full CD. They’re B-52s meets Go Gos. I think they belong on a credible indie but whatever. Nitro, Interscope, Atlantic, Columbia, Flawless have checked them out.
Columbus, OH act Watershed’s “Can’t Be Myself” has been in rotation at local WBZX. Their CD has sold thousands in a short amount of time. Return for NYC showcase on October 18 7PM Arlene Grocery (email Ron Severance at Their song is the one played when college football’s Ohio State Buckeyes run out of the tunnel-150,000 fans hear it each week. Lava and whoever else keep tracking them.
Power pop act The Wait got an official add at Albany’s WEQX with “Can’t Do Right” beating out Weezer and White Stripes for the time being. Phones lighting up.

News: I think Coalition Management (Our Lady Peace etc.) is still shopping Canadian act Blankforce. It’s all emo to me.
Josh Zandman (ex-Burlap to Cashmere) had Rick Elias produce his new song “Beautiful”. Really pretty and ambient for film/TV. Josh plays Bitter End 11/8.
High Water Rising preparing for showcase. Er?.I remember 2 years ago when I sat around on my bed listening to a cd they sent thinking I like the “moodiness” but what’s a label to do with these non-singles??blah blah blah.
Fono on tour with Goo Goo Dolls and Third Eye Blind. Were in touch with Wright Entertainment about possible management.
Cider at NYC’s Acme Underground tonite, tracks on their CD produced my Brett Hestla and Mark Mason, formerly in regular rotation at WTKS FL. Harmless pop rock in vein of Third Eye Blind, Tonic.
–These are all groups I covered a long time ago so no time for real detail today.

November 19, 2002

# St. Louis’ Neptune Crush being flown to NYC by Epic staff for private showcase this Friday Nov 22, listen below, it’s a bit like Janes Addiction, Smashing Pumpkins, contact “Dead Air”

# “Halos”

# Kaplan, Louisiana’s Schel Reaux. He’s 22 with the looks of actor Oliver Hudson (Dawson’s Creek). This song is Five for Fighting meets Pearl Jam. Love his voice, it’s truly seasoned. Big manager but no lawyer yet, contact “Blue Room”

# Chicago’s Stripping the Pistol. I hear now that a high profile major label A&R exec is definitely setting up the pivotal showcase where the label president will be present etc. Also, Sharon Osbourne handpicked their song “I Think There’s Something Wrong” to replace Tool in an episode of the Miramax bought “Osbournes” first season DVD series. I call the music psychotic sludge and I bloody fancy it, contact me “Sunshine in the Rain”
# “I Think There’s Something Wrong”

# Bergen, Norway trio Ephemera. Brilliant vocals. Like Bjork, Beth Orton, Cardigans, Simon & Garfunkel, Aimee Mann. 34,000 sold outside U.S. Current Lufthansa ad campaign in Europe. for more info. Listen: “Morning sun”

# Boston act KingSize. NYC showcases at SIR, 52nd Street, Wednesday Nov 20 at 2:30, 5:30, 7:30PM. Newer songs produced by Neil Dorfsman (Sting, Paul McCartney, Dire Straits). I actually prefer the glossy Goo Goo Dolls like “All the Way from Nowhere” instead of “More Than I Can Stand”. Listen: “All the Way from Nowhere”

News item: Jessica Harp (Demo Diaries May 22, 2002) signs a development deal with Elektra.

November 15, 2002

NYC’s The Stills (80s Brit Style goes indie…again) will be flown out to LA by big label to showcase at The Derby Nov. 22. Booking agents in UK and US alike are looking to get in on it. Offered 2003 European tour with Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Radio 4. Look for them in Fader Magazine January 2003. Mentioned last week in Entertainment Weekly. Well, well, well…Interpol has taken them under their wing. Bullocks!

November 14, 2002

# Miami act All is Well still sitting tight under the watchful eye of Atlantic, MCA, RCA, Warner Bros and Jive. Eminem affiliates Michael Strange and Urban Kris also checking into them. I reported on this band a long, long time ago. Rick Beato produced this song, he always makes sure that the artist includes a proper middle eight….yummy. They’re vaguely like Sugarcubes, Chumbawumba, Tanya Donelly. They have manager and lawyer. “Plastic Kiss”

November 13, 2002

# I dig the “Diary” demo by Cincinatti, Ohio act Spindle. It’s like Weezer, Jimmy Eat World but with a Brit style. Reportedly producer Roy Thomas Baker is interested. “Diary”

# West Palm Beach, FL unsigned act One gets an official add at commercial WPBZ (market 40) with “Immune”. It’s a little like Disturbed. No manager. Questions to “Immune”

November 7, 2002

# Unsigned Birmingham, AL act Lynam unofficially added at commercial WRAX with “Disco King” (many spins per week, as many as 2 times within 3 hours, #1 requested song at station). Foo Fighters meet Splender. Also their song “Losing Venus” is added at Little Rock, AR top 40 KLAZ. I heard Lava is flying to see them. Matt Greenberg is lawyer. “Disco King”

November 4, 2002

# NYC band Morningwood. 20 year old scenester Chantal Claret sings. I reckon she’s filthy minded. Pedro Yanowitz also in band (drummed for Wallflowers and Natalie Merchant). Sony Publishing might sign them. Reportedly Go Beat/Universal, Capitol, Gotham Public Relations and others will go to a private NYC showcase tonight. Sounds like early Blondie goes Breeders or rather The Pixies go estrogen. Big lawyer but no manager yet. Contact is “Jetsetter Music Letter”

# San Diego’s Tim Corley. Age 21. A mix of Tonic, Vertical Horizon, Oasis, David Gray. Contact is “Far from Me”

More Unsigned News:
The #1 thing is catching on….NYC indie band Sea Ray has the number one song on Cincinnati commercial WOXY with “Revelry”. They’ve beaten out Pearl Jam, Sigur Ros, White Stripes, Nirvana.
Klear is #1 at WEDG Buffalo with “It’s All on Me”.
Red Wanting Blue’s “Someone Save Us” in night rotation on top 40 commercial WNCI Columbus OH. Spins might increase very soon. 900 local draw, 5000 CDs sold in past.
# “Someone Save Us”

Watershed continues its reign at WWCD Columbus OH, their song “Anniversary” is now added.
# SouthFM still has its “Dear Claudia” add at Dallas’ KDGE.

Also added at KDGE is SouthFM indie label mate Evamore.
Austin commercial KLBJ added Ultrasonic’s “Break”, Saucer’s “You Belong”, Dames Violet song “What I Want” and Canvas song “Siren”. KROX added Dames Violet song “Forever”.
Willknots still spinning hard at Sacramento’s KWOD.
Boston act Bionic released an EP produced by Anthony J. Resta (Duran Duran, Megadeth, Collective Soul). He’s good at programming ain’t he. They’re like Godsmack, Staind but make an effort to write some crossover songs.

January 15, 2003

Slowly the label walls crumble as independent forces on and offline move in. The effort to pursue a stranglehold on copyrights is apparently futile. Allying with reluctant internet enemies will come around to bite the record company’s ass soon enough. The root of all music biz failures? Well that would be pitiful A&R types–some who were once feeble temps, interns or assistants (and still present themselves that way as far as music knowledge and know how), others who fell ass backwards into a “hit” (years ago mind you and have since signed 10 pathetic, riskless artists, all of which have tanked miserably). From the President’s office down to the mailroom, those who are informed, competent or passionate are few and far between. More specifically the “executives”: they do not know what they are are doing (they are not official professionals in the sense that medical doctors go through years of explicit training) despite what you’ve heard or think, but indeed they are paid large salaries in some cases and they do work out of an office under a “music” corporation. They’re usually known to assemble a nepotistic force of idiot friends to advise them and handle day to day affairs. Suspiciously many of these friends are hot women and men who couldn’t name all four Beatles to save their life. Now I ask you, fans of music or fans of money?

On the other hand, I want to thank a short list of “A&R” people who discovered and/or put out music that makes my life manageable:

Jackie Hayden, Nick Stewart, Annie Roseberry, Chris Blackwell, Marc Marot, Paul McGuiness, Chas De Whalley, Tom Nolan, Charlie Eyre etc. for putting U2 on the map. Chris Parry for signing The Cure. Geoff Travis for signing The Smiths, Joe moss for funding them beforehand. Miles Copeland for bringing up The Police and early R.E.M. Seymour Stein for licensing just about every 1980s UK band in the U.S. and for making CBGB a world wide name. And for signing the innovative Talking Heads without who Radiohead would have no name. Keith Wozencroft for getting Radiohead on Parlophone subsequently leading to “The Bends” release years later. Daniel Miller for signing Depeche Mode (and not having a written contract with them till the 4th album, bless him). Tony Wilson for starting Manchester and signing New Order. Alan McGhee for discovering Oasis and paving the way for other contemporary Brits to sell lots of records in America. Simon Williams for being the first to release a Coldplay song on UK indie Fierce Panda. David Boyd for signing The Verve to Hut. Ani DiFranco for…er…signing herself. Danny Sims and Chris Blackwell for signing Bob Marley. Tim Devine and Nanci Walker for putting out Pete Yorn’s debut. The unique and talented Peter Gabriel for putting out Joseph Arthur’s “Come to Where I’m From”. Jim Phelan for signing Patty Griffin. Derek Birkett at UK indie One Little Indian for bringing up The Sugarcubes (Bjork), Sneaker Pimps debut, Kitchens of Distinction. Tom Rothrock for signing Beck to Bongload, Chris Douridas for playing it on KCRW…later comes “Mutations” and now “Sea Change”. Dean Naleway and Peter Heur for bringing up Jane’s Addiction. Michael Goldstone for not fucking up Pearl Jam’s debut. Jonathan Poneman for signing Nirvana (a band that gets entirely too much credit for trying to change the musical landscape at the time). The shady Malcolm McLaren for promoting the Sex Pistols and instilling in our minds what “punk” looks like. Dick Rowe and George Harrison for bringing up The Rolling Stones. George Martin for signing The Beatles. Ahmet Ertegun for bringing up Led Zeppelin (their name came from The Who’s Keith Moon and John Entwistle).

January 14, 2003

# Eliot Morris. This kid is from Mobile, Alabama. Like Counting Crows.
“Thoughts On You and Me”

January 13, 2003

# Marc Broussard. Age 20. Lafayette, Louisiana. Like Jeffrey Gaines but more soul. I heard he played for Island and now Gary Gersh/Universal. Must contact “The Wanderer”

# Liam Lynch. Los Angeles. This UK native had his single “United States of Whatever” peak at #25 on Radio 1 Top 40 chart. Still added. It’s a humorous hit for specialty shows in the U.S. A major label has not picked it up yet. Contact “United States of Whatever”

Songs on the “A List”, Demo Diaries Retrospective 1998-2003:

# The Damnwells (sound like Nick Drake, David Gray, Pete Yorn) “The Trade”
# Twin-A (like Elliot Smith, Coldplay, Jeff Buckley) “Sucker”

# Ephemera (like Bjork, Beth Orton, Simon & Garfunkel) “Morning sun”

# Schel Reaux (like Five for Fighting, Pearl Jam) “Blue Room”

# Reed Waddle (like Counting Crows, John Mayer) “I Saw Stars”

# Neptune Crush (like Janes Addiction, Smashing Pumpkins) “Dead Air”

# Fischerspooner (SIGNED, like New Order or Kraftwerk) “Emerge”

# Celebrity (like The Smiths, The Cure) “Cave”

# eastmountainsouth (SIGNED, like Patty Griffin) “Ghost”

# Gene (like The Smiths) “Let Me Move On”

# Kristin Hoffmann (like Norah Jones, Fiona Apple, Bonnie Raitt, Sarah McLachlan) “Lay Down Your Light”

# High Water Rising (like The Wallflowers, Counting Crows) “Wasted Days”

# Tim Corley (like David Gray, Tonic, Jayhawks, Oasis) “Far from Me”

# Missy Higgins (SIGNED, like Alana Davis) “All for Believing”

# Damone (SIGNED, formerly Noelle, sounds like a 1980s Liz Phair) “Up to You”

# Morris Air (like a remixed Radiohead) “Traffic”

# Tracer (like Stone Roses) “Headlights”

# Jacobstone (like U2, Pearl Jam) “Prince”

# Sunfall Festival (like The Sundays, Radiohead) “Victim”

# Noon Layer Drive (like The Verve, Radiohead) “My Own Advice”

# Nina Hynes (like Bjork, Air) “Tenderness”

# Theo Eastwind (like Nick Drake, Dave Matthews) “Right of Passage”

# Tamara Williamson (like Cocteau Twins, Bjork) “Downsizing”

# Lima (like The Sundays, Cranberries) “Hymn To Her”

# Spindle (like Jimmy Eat World) “Diary”

# New Address (SIGNED, like Stereophonics, Jayhawks, Rod Stewart) “Lasting Words”

# King Konga (like Edwin McCain) “100 Days”

March 28, 2003

Brooke Adams. Los Angeles by way of Fort Worth, Texas. 16 year old singer-songwriter. For fans of Avril, Alanis, Michelle Branch. A new hook to help broken hearted youth quell their misery. Several LA meetings with Maverick, Java, A&M, Epic. 5 song demo produced by collective The Element comprised of Robert Palmer/Lindy Robbins (Faith Hill/Lisa Loeb), Marc Nelkin, Jess Cates. Coming to NYC April 7-11. Lawyer is Debra Markowitz. No manager yet. Michael Mavrolas at
“The 5th of Never”

# Neptune Crush. St. Louis, Missouri. For fans of Janes Addiction, Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo, Blind Melon. New demo of “Home”. Many have been interested: Maverick, Wind-Up, Lava, RCA, Epic, Atlantic, Columbia, Geffen, Flawless, Warner Bros, Interscope, No Name, ArtistDirect, Dave Jerden, Joe Chicarelli, David Ellefson. In addition, 10 management companies are on the tip. 4000 in career sales. 400-500 draw at local shows. Lawyer is Danny Hayes (Linkin Park, Tool). No manager yet. Eddie at

# Jet Set Satellite. Winnipeg, Canada. For fans of Stabbing Westward, Rob Zombie. “Among the Living” rings with this poetic mantra. 46,000 sold worldwide on previous label. 800 draw in Canada’s larger markets. Have opened for The Stereophonics, Goldfinger, Matthew Good, Econoline Crush, Bif Naked. No manager or lawyer at the moment. Trevor at
“Among the Living”

# Reed Waddle. Destin, Florida. Age 20. For fans of Counting Crows, John Mayer, Van Morrison. Definitely refreshing and organic narratives. Showcase: Florida Music Festival in Orlando Friday April 11 at the Wall Street Mainstage 12:00AM. Acoustic set April 12 at Room 39 11PM. Several labels are on the tip. Actively seeking a booking agent. Dave Waddle at
“The Roundabout”

# Joski. London, England. For fans of Bush, Eve 6, Bad Religion, 311. Crisp, melodic, radio chorus. Labels on the tip are Infectious, Warner, Gut, Mercury and B-Unique. Up to 100 live draw. Lawyers are Nigel Gilroy/Rupert Sprawson at Davenport Lyons. Manager David M. Smith at
“Sad Smile”

# Watershed. Columbus, Ohio. Perhaps it can be said that “Anniversary” is one single Soul Asylum never wrote. Approximately 36,400 in career sales including soundscan/mom & pop/tour. Massive support, regular rotation from WWCD-FM for the Tim Patalan (Sponge, The Fags) produced “The More it Hurts, The More it Works” LP. Two shows in the same month this year include 1500 draw at Promowest Pavillion, 900 draw at Newport Music Hall. Featured on Abercrombie and Fitch website, Hollister and Company website/in store promotion. New live footage DVD. Lawyer is Andy Tavel. Manager Ron Severance at

March 20, 2003

# Jinnrail. New York City. They’re the epitome of cool. It’s like The Stone Roses doing the Rolling Stones’ “Bitch”. Spirit Music, Columbia, Warner Bros. have taken notice. Tracks licensed by Fox TV and MTV. 12 song LP complete and seeking distribution. Show at Brooklyn’s Luxx March 28 and Midwest dates in April. No lawyer yet although at least two big ones are interested. Manager Craig Pizzella at
“Sex on Saturday”

# Few and Far Between. Detroit. Their sound is Afghan Whigs, Sunny Day Real Estate, Police (circa 1977). This is volume, hook and heart. It’s pure. Dreamworks and a few others are on the tip. 300 to local shows plus some turnout in the Northeast. 3000 in previous sales. New 12 song LP. No manager or lawyer yet. They’re actively seeking a booking agent. Joe Philips at
“Maybe for Now”

# Forty Percent. Dallas. For fans of Third Eye Blind, Incubus, The Calling. Proud, polished, edgy melodic pop rock. New 12 song LP. Over 400 local draw, 300 in Louisiana. KDGE considering the record. Lawyer is Mike McKoy. Manager Travis Hill at
“To October”

# Adrianne. Los Angeles. For fans of Ani DiFranco, Shawn Colvin, Sarah McLachlan. Simply put, it’s rare that you find poignant imagery like hers. Has signed to Mosaic Music Publishing (ZZ Top, Aerosmith). 5000 in career sales. Lawyer is Scott Harrington. Joe Ross or Lionel Conway at Mosaic,
“Dream of Rome”

# Dan Goddard Collective. Boston. Formerly called Silver Company. At 19, Goddard already has this charismatic timbre that masks budding sincerity with cheeky angst. Atlantic, J, Elektra, Roadrunner are aware. The music overall combines modern tinged rock with gutty pop. 11 song LP complete. Michael Wagener (Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Janet Jackson, Queen) produced 5 songs including “Matter of Time” below. No manager yet but has been talking to a few firms. No lawyer yet. Todd Levett at
“Matter of Time”

March 12, 2003

# Nerami. Los Angeles. For fans of Coldplay, U2, Radiohead, Travis. Elektra, Flawless, Virgin, Columbia, Geffen, Sony (UK) all have been on the tip early. New EP just out. Their songs “Tuesday”, “Swallow”, “Uninspired”, “Stranger”, “Lucky”, “Little Things” all have hot, moody hooks. Link to Contact Oren at, lawyer is Ken Burry. No management yet.

# Speedstar. Brisbane, Australia. For fans of Travis, Mazzy Star. A real melancholy charm to them. Signed to EMI Australia, looking for U.S. and UK deal. Rotation at Triple J and Triple M radio networks. Warner Bros. artist Kasey Chambers sings backing vocals on “It’s okay to be sad when it rains” (song link below). Have opened for Doves, Ed Harcourt, Idlewild, Starsailor in addition to just completing a headlining sold out tour. Link to Contact manager James Kliemt at
“It’s okay to be sad when it rains”

# Jolynn Daniel. Des Moines, Iowa. For fans of Shawn Colvin, Patty Griffin, Lucinda Williams. Lush, seasoned sound with captivating lyrics and melodies. Previously reviewed in Billboard (Spotlight Album Review), Rolling Stone, Album Network, FMQB. Players on new album “Come Closer” include Matthew Ryan (Kasey Chambers), Kami Lyle (Patty Griffin, Ron Sexsmith), Ken Coomer (ex-Wilco). Mixes by John Mark Painter (John Mayer, Ben Folds, Sixpence None the Richer). Early spins in Europe (Belgium, Holland, Germany). Draws 200 in hometown with sizable followings in South Florida, Nashville. Debut CD Sold over 2500 units with no distribution. Contact RSM at, lawyer is Craig Harmon.
“Everybody Else Does”

Turn Up the Volume!
# Mondoz. Austin, Texas. Elements of Tool and Rush. Very intense, smart stuff with a big chorus. Showcase at Los Angeles’ Bar Sinister March 19 at 10PM. On the tip are William Morris, Spivak Entertainment, Velvet Hammer/Atlantic, No Name/Elektra, Hollywood Records, Columbia Records, Warner Bros., producer Mike Clink (Guns n’ Roses). Lawyer is Monika Tashman, no management yet. Contact Dustin at

# Downstage. New Jersey. In vein of Puddle of Mudd, Quicksand, Godsmack. Heavy, melodic and with grit. Showcase at The Continental in NYC Monday March 24 at 8PM. On the tip are Hollywood, Atlantic, Lava, Elementree, No Name/Elektra, Capitol, MCA. Link to Contact manager James Brogan at, lawyer is Kim Guggenheim (Smashmouth, Oleander etc.)

# Stripping the Pistol. Chicago. Brand new demo “Black Reflection”. 800 kids came out to see them at The Metro recently. High profile Columbia A&R guy Matt Pinfield (K-Rock DJ, 120 Minutes, Farmclub) met the band and indicated he wants to sign them. He calls them “garage metal”. Quite frankly it’s bombastic and dangerous, a Foo Fighters radio hook meets Motorhead. Contact Pete Tsiolis at
“Black Reflection”


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