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Demo Diaries A&R 1999-2006, Part 1

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You’ve found Demo Diaries A&R 1999-2006. These are archives posted in blog format.

May 08, 1999

# Sandra Pires
Among the LA showcases this week is Sandra Pires. Perhaps the next Top 40 diva by way of Austria, her BMG release there sold 25,000 units and now she wants to step it up and move over to the U.S. market. You can get a 4 song demo CD in addition to her electronic press kit-her best song seems to be “I’ll Be Your Friend” which can be found on the video. This track was playing when I walked into Boston Chicken last Tuesday so I guess eateries have the hippest samplers on the market now. Did I mention that Sandra has no lawyer yet and that Epic, MCA and 143 are onto her? Or perhaps you didn’t know that Diane Warren and David Foster co-wrote a song on Sandra’s full length? Anyway, she is doing two sets at S.I.R. Studios in LA April 28, so go hear her 7 octive voice.

# Silkenseed
And what’s up with Portland pop rock band Silkenseed? Well, just about everyone and their mother has expressed interest in this band. They’ve sold around 2500 of 1998’s “Hurry Home”-you’re looking to hear “Benchwarming”. They can bring out over 200 to Portland shows but right now they’re on their way down to LA to showcase at The Gig April 28 9:15PM and at The Gig/Hollywood April 29 3PM. No lawyer for them yet.
Contact:Marc Margolis 510 420 1776,

# Papa Roach
Meanwhile further south, Vacaville, California’s Papa Roach has sold a total of 4000 cds and is currently drawing 450 to shows in Sacramento/San Jose, 250 in San Francisco. Who’s been checking them out? That would be Warner Bros., Interscope and Jive. They’re a bit like Rage Against The Machine, Deftones.
Contact: Elliot Cahn 510 652 1615,

# Storm and Her Dirty Mouth
And have you ever listened to San Francisco’s Storm and Her Dirty Mouth. They have this killer song called “I’m Not Alright” off their Thom Wilson produced 1998 EP which sold 1200 copies. I’m betting singer Storm Large is pulling 400 to shows on her charisma alone as she stands 6 feet tall with this massive tattoo on her back that reads “Lover”! Their attorney is Doug Mark who also does Nashville Pussy.
Contact: Leslie Gerard 415 339 1600

Let me keep going here…

# The Clarks
What about folk pop rock band The Clarks out of Pittsburgh? Wow! The numbers on these guys are insane. This band has sold a whopping total of over 83,000 records with radio play left and right. Their latest CD “The Clarks Live” has sold over 10,000 alone. Hometown live shows draw as many as 4000 and they can bring out up to 850 in mid-west markets…what does this all mean? Right now I’m listening to this 2 song demo produced by Justin Neibank. Despite what you might think, The Clarks never cut a record on Way Cool/MCA, they just re-released “Someday Maybe”. And of course Way Cool is now defunct. To top it all off, the number of hits to their website is well into the 6 digits.
Contact: Rishon Blumberg 212 501 0748,

You didn’t think I was done? No way.

# Wellville
Let me turn you on to Orlando’s Wellville. Their song “Happier Girl” is on your Extravaganza Sampler. Produced my Matchbox 20’s Paul Doucette, it’s a great song even if it does sound very similiar to Sarah McLachlan’s “Building a Mystery”. WKIS Daytona and WMMO and WXXL Orlando all dig the track but none have put it into regular rotation. Singer Liz Larizza used to be in the Beat Me-Ups with Steve Burry of My Friend Steve. Lately, Wellville has been pulling over 200 to their shows and is recording brand new stuff. Lots of folks have been calling including Dreamworks, Mercury, Atlantic, Almo and Mammoth. Former Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync manager Donna Wright is looking to sign Wellville to her new label Diva Records .
Contact: Mark Hoefling 407 682 7984,

Signed Acts Ready For Publishing Deals:
# I’m listening to the final mixes of the 8Stops7 record on Reprise/Warner. “Question Everything” is their ace crossover song that’s bound to explode (Paul Yered 805 384 1370,
# Folk rocker Todd Thibaud has his new record “Little Mystery” coming out in May on Doolittle/Slipdisc. He sold over 10,000 last time around. Looks like he’s already off to a promising start on the charts (Michael Creamer 617 783 6308,

Finally, Warner Bros. act Sense Field is looking for a drummer. I’ve been listening to their latest material. Essentially they are a pop rock band even though they come from Revelation Records. However, they do have a little indie essence to them. If you have some good names please ring up Meredith Chinn 818 846 9090,


New York:
Sony Canada/Sour Music act Punchbuggy at Continental 4/29 8:45PM

August 2, 2000

On Tuesday August 8 commercial radio station 99X in Atlanta, Georgia is scheduled to add “Reasons Why” by unsigned Atlanta band Brand New Immortals (featuring Johnny Colt formerly of Black Crowes and David Ryan-Harris who you knew as producer/guitarist for Dionne Farris). Shows are at Atlanta’s Tabernacle August 9, Variety Playhouse August 10, Smith’s Olde Bar August 11. No lawyer yet. Contact Johnny at 404 456 7377.

26 acts to see at the Atlantis Music Conference in Atlanta, Georgia August 9-12:
Injected (to cut to the chase, high profile industry people have been talking to this band in the last few days/weeks, Butch Walker of Marvelous 3 produced their new demo, show is at Dark Horse 8/12, David Prasse is the contact at 404 627 1166). Other acts playing are Another Man Down, Beth Wood, Big Atomic, Big Sky, Chlorophyll (spinning 16 times/week on New Jersey commercial WJSE), Chubby (featuring former Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ Dennis Brockenborough), Dezeray’s Hammer, Ebo, Edward James Band, Jennifer Nettles, John Mayer, justincase (Riviera 8/12 9PM, also in NYC at Brownies 8/14), Kitty Snyder (also in Los Angeles at House of Blues 8/8), Left Front Tire, Lift, Minus, Orbit, Rev-7, Something 5, Something Left After Misfortune, Star Ghost Dog, Stargazer Lily, Supermodel, The Sheila Divine (new demos), VonRa (new heavier, melodic demos produced by Virgos Merlot’s Brett Hestla).

# San Francisco’s Red House Painters (formerly on Supreme/Island) have not released their record “Old Ramon”. Searching for label now. Singer Mark Kozelek has Rolling Stone coverage on his solo record and will appear in the upcoming Cameron Crowe/Steven Spielberg movie “Almost Famous” (coverage/photo of Mark regarding this in Vanity Fair). No manager (contact is Andrew Lurie at
# Penny Framstad at San Francisco’s Paradise Lounge 8/2.
# NYC hard rock band Boiler Room is not releasing its John Travis (Kid Rock, Dope) produced record “Can’t Breathe” on Roadrunner. Looking for new label (Jonas Goldstein at
# Minnesota 13 year old Amanda Harris chooses 550/Epic for development deal.

Unsigned acts on Commercial Radio Stations:
# Susan Greenbaum’s “Everything But You” 30 times/week on WMXB Richmond, Virginia.
# Lucky Town’s “Flipside” maybe 10 spins/week (?) on WKOC Norfolk, Virginia.

October 17, 2000

Stage is a four piece from Huntington, New York. Ages 21-22. 5 song demo CD produced by Greg Wattenberg (Five for Fighting) and mixed by Neil Perry (Smashing Pumpkins, Everclear)-check out “Perfect”, “The World Has Come Between Us”, “I Will Be Something”. All 5 songs are good though, Ryan Stahr has enormous vocal intensity (particularly on ballads). Sound and melodies are a mixture of Sponge, Goo Goo Dolls, Pearl Jam. Local live draw is 100 people. Long Island/NYC commercial station WLIR is spiking “Perfect” (regular rotation). NYC show at Mercury Lounge tonight (Tues 10/17) at 7:15PM. Management is by Phil Carson/The Shooting Gallery. Contact lawyer Andrew Bergman 212 230 5504,,

News: Rearview Mirror (D Diaries August 14,2000) won “Send Your Band To College Radio” contest which means they are being flown to NYC for CMJ show at Arlene Grocery 10/21 7PM. Labels said to be pursuing them are Interscope (flew them to LA twice) and Gobstopper/Palm, you can read about it at (Norbert Nix at Subatomic signs to 143/Atlantic and is looking for a producer right now. Also seek Publishing (Jeff Jampol at Slackseason might have their song “Highway Firecracker” added to Orlando, Florida commercial WTKS (Ray Powell at

October 11, 2000

Pressure4-5 is a five piece from Santa Barbara, California. 3 song demo CD. Very catchy, melodic songs with “Beat The World” and “These Hands” (they’re similar to Helmet, Papa Roach, Cold). Even newer material recorded with Ed Stasium (Living Colour, Biohazard, The Ramones etc.) days ago. Draw of up to 200 at Santa B. shows and 100-300 elsewhere in Cali. LA show at Troubadour 10/14 7:30PM. Lawyer is Brian Schall. Contact manager Bill Armstrong at 323 951 9090,, (

Ruby Amanfu is from Nashville, Tennessee. Age 21. 6 song demo CD. Famous Music Publishing artist signed to indie Spongebath Records. She reminds me of Alana Davis, Jewel, Tori Amos. R&B slant to her material. Really special stuff, beautiful vocals. “Just Until”, “U Can’t Use Me Anymore”, “Mother Me”, “In the Aisles”, “Dear Happiness” are all good ones. Up to 200 come to local shows. Some co-writing with grammy winner Tommy Sims. Lately, showcased for BMG label with Sony label showcase said to be coming up. Lawyer is Fred Davis. Contact Sean Perry at

News: San Diego band Swerve is said to have around 10,000 in sales and a 700+ draw to local live shows. They’ve been working with Narada Michael Walden (James Brown, Whitney Houston) and Peter Bunetta (Smokey Robinson, Michael Bolton). “Serendipity” is perhaps their hookiest song (sort of Better Than Ezra meets Green Day). Offer in from a Navarre distributed label. Show at The Gig/Melrose 10/26 9:30PM (contact Ari Nisman at 732 565 0200,, Drowning Pool’s “Tear Away” now has an official add at Dallas commercial KEGL, #11 on playlist. The Agency Group is booking shows for them (Paul Bassman at Michelle Branch (D Diaries August 14, 2000) is signing to Maverick. Brand New Immortals sign to The Music Company/Elektra.

October 2, 2000

Bleu is from Boston. He’s backed by a four piece (one of these players is from former Columbia and Polydor act Expanding Man and another from My Favorite Relative). He’s produced a 13 song CD “Headroom” with Ducky Carlisle (Susan Tedeschi). I absolutely love the song “3’s A Charm” and then there’s “Feet Don’t Fail” and “Terrible Secret”. Not unlike Weezer, Eels, Beatles, Squeeze, XTC. Big, sharp, crispy, melodic choruses. Boston commercial WFNX might add “Feet Don’t Fail” in coming days. Live shows draw up to 200. His “Big Bang Holidang” charity CD sold a few thousand. Somerville, MA show at Lilli’s October 6 9PM and NYC acoustic show at Sidewalk Cafe October 8 10:30PM. No lawyer. Contact manager Pete Galli at 617 782 4192,,

News: Mister Jones (D. Diaries 7/24/00) is signed to Hollywood. I heard Beyond Music wants to sign Soup. Motor is on at NYC’s Arlene Grocery 10/2 6PM. Last I heard Columbia, Epic, Dreamworks, Edel and Melisma scheduled to be there. The Wine Field relocated to Boston as you may know. New CD out “Into The Century”, producers include Dale Penner (Nickelback, Holly McNarland, Econoline Crush) and Greg Wattenberg. The song “I’m Not Breathing” is really good. 17,000 in career sales, 1 million hits at website (, Boston’s Missing Joe is at the 3000 sales mark with “Breaking Down the Constellations”. Look for their songs on “Dawson’s Creek” this year ( Uptown Sinclair at LA’s Spaceland 10/5 9:30PM.


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