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Chris Daughtry, One Degree Of Separation

In Music Business on December 22, 2006 at 12:56 pm

Can’t say I know Daughtry personally. But I’ve crossed paths with all the record execs that put his debut album together. Like many other American Idol losing contestants of the past, his CD is rapidly on its way to platinum status (800,000 sales to date).

The folks behind Daughtry? In part: Pete Ganbarg, Gregg Wattenberg and Brian Howes. Pete is one of the first folks I met in my A&R endeavors. He has signed and/or performed A&R duties for everyone from Vanilla Ice to Santana to Run DMC to Adema to Daughtry (for the umpteenth time, A&R is Artist & Repertoire). I had launched a site called Demo Diaries pre blog era and many biz folks took to it quite nicely. Shortly after this, Ganbarg was kind enough to invite me to known NYC celebrity haven Friar’s Club for lunch. We discussed possible partnering on an A&R venture but I decided to go it alone at first since I had just begun. Currently Pete is running a consultant/indie music company called Puretone Music.

Gregg Wattenberg, well, he gave me a ring this past summer to discuss A&Ring for Wind Up Records (Creed, Evanescence). He produced Five For Fighting’s “Superman” and co-wrote the Daughtry single “It’s Not Over”. In August, we had some good sushi and talked shop. I believe he’s signed to EMI Publishing as a writer in addition to being a Senior VP at Wind Up.

Brian Howes. He’s one I haven’t met in person but I know he asked to be on my emailer early last year. He’s been in the biz for quite some time now and really struck a chord producing platinum, mainstream rockers Hinder. Howes co-write a couple of tracks on the Daughtry debut and is signed to EMI Publishing. I heard he also signed a major label production deal recently after the Hinder success.

  1. Well he must know what he’s doing cuz that Daughtry CD is selling like hotcakes. It’s pretty good, man.

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