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Dave Sardy and Spiderman 3 Soundtrack, Signing to a Major Label is a Crapshoot? Pixie, Nikki Flores, Katy Shotter

In U.S. A&R, UK A&R on March 30, 2007 at 1:54 pm

Dave Sardy (Jet, Wolfmother, Oasis, Cold War Kids) gets credit as producer of Spiderman 3 Soundtrack. Due on Record Collection/Warner Bros May 5. Hipsters are Spiderman fans now and Nickelback left out of this one?

What do YOU make of major record label signings lately? Post your opinion on these signed girls:

16 year old Brentwood, UK’s Pixie (now in studio with writer/producer Bryan Todd and Peter Zizzo). Signed by L.A. Reid’s camp at Island/Universal

18 year old L.A. singer/actress Nikki Flores. Signed by Don Ienner’s Epic peeps before he departed Sony-BMG. Her longwinded video blog. Christina Aguilera or??

20 year old Londoner Katy Shotter. Signed to Matthew Knowles’ (Beyonce’s father) company Music World Entertainment/Sony-BMG after winning contest. Now recording with Bama Boyz, Stevie C, Mick Lister etc.

  1. I LOVE Katy Shotter!!! I cannot wait to see her in concert with Beyonce and cant wait for her album! She is the best singer i have ever heard and her piano skills are amazing. She is very talented and i wish i was like her!!!
    She has an amazing raw talent and is gonna blow away the world!!!
    A x

  2. I can’t wait to hear what Katy Shotter has to offer when she releases her debut album! She has an amazing voice and raw talent – you don’t get many artists these days that can sing as well as play the piano. I’m looking forward to seeing more female artists emerge into the music scene like Katy, showing the world true UK talent!


  3. Katy Shotter is an inspiring and extremely talented musician. Whilst being an accomplished pianist and vocalist, Katy is one of the most humble people I know, it truly is a pleasure. As of yet, I haven’t heard anything of her upcoming album, but I sure am very excited! I bet it’s gonna be a musical delight fusion of soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

    Can’t wait! WATCH OUT PEOPLE! x

  4. Katy Shotter is so talented its remarkable. She has come so far and is really really guna make a hugh impacked to the music scene. Im so proud to know katy she truly is a wonderful person and a true inspiration. xxx

  5. Pixie is a very talented 16 year old singer/songwriter/pianist. She has a great soulful voice. Her dancing skills are also amazing. Watch out for this beautiful young lady as she is going to rock your world. Cant wait for her debut album. I always knew she was set to go far – Pixie is a true superstar.

  6. Miss Pixie Lott = Amazing talent! I have always been watching her since I saw her in her first musical theatre show at the age of 5 & I said to myself then that this girl is going to be a superstar. She is a talented allrounder, an amazing singer, piano player, ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop dancer and actress. I have seen her on the tv and the west end stage and was delighted to hear that she had been signed in New York by a major label. You go Pixie and share your amazing looks and voice with the world.

  7. katy really has what it takes to become a star – talent, passion and dedication. cant wait to see her develop as an artist as she really deserves it, especially being a musician as well. its about time we had some raw talent emerging into the uk music scene so good luck katy!x

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