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News: Eric Stenman & Marc Hudson, Saves the Day, Men Women & Children

In Music News, Record Producer News, U.S. A&R on June 19, 2007 at 9:27 am

Enharmonik Studios in Sacramento will host recording by Saves The Day. The producers are Eric Stenman and Marc Hudson.

Men Women & Children exit the Warner family. This leaves them label-less.

All Access reports producer Jack Ponti’s Merovingian label is now paired with CO5 Music. This new alliance will benefit from the promotional auspices of Caroline/EMI. Merovingian alone recently put out the latest Kittie record and together with CO5 will embark on the launching of New Orleans’ Supagroup.

A&R: Five Star Iris. Remember we posted one of Alan Schaefer’s bands (Another Man Down) about 10 years ago? He’s an Atlanta native that’s still trying to rock out with his newest group Five Star Iris. But it appears A&R doesn’t work like it did in the “old days”. If it did, a label like Universal would’ve already been taken by the commercial adds at Salt Lake City commercial KENZ-FM. You may notice that the band has a “Best Buy” unsigned feature alongside two very mediocre sounding acts.


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