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In Music News, Social Media on October 4, 2007 at 10:20 am

Visit to see this post. is the self proclaimed “social disaggregator” specializing in what’s flux3.bmp going to become the OpenID climate online. OpenID meaning you can be a transient social networker bouncing from one website community to the next, all the while with the same profile and login info. In fact, it is a pain in the arse to continually sign up for different communities echoing the sentiments of high profile portals like Myspace, YouTube, and Facebook etc.

Interestingly enough, Flux is powered by the newly founded company Social Project which used to focus its efforts on TagWorld. TagWorld was a short lived social site that did the members, music, youth gathering thing. They failed to compete. But MTV Networks/Viacom did come along in late 2006 to claim a stake in TagWorld’s ailing activities thus leading to the present day Flux initiatives. In one respect, Flux wants to embed its social tools experience into up and coming blogs in a “semi-white label” capacity. In return, their intention is to take a cut of revenue generated from “traffic” they get you. Translation: install mini-Myspace engines that your users can benefit from, drive up traffic, split monetized elements. The one emerging feature here that poses an inkling of promise is that you’ll be able to take your “Flux Identity” from website to website as long as these sites use the flux engine. If you don’t care about online socializing, commenting, messaging, blogging, playlisting and photo sharing, then Flux’s future endeavors will be completely meaningless to you!

Visit to see this post.


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