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UK Band The Orange Lights Get Funding From Ingenious Music VCT

In Album Releases, International A&R, Music Business, Music News, Music Releases, UK A&R on October 5, 2007 at 12:34 pm

Music Week talked about how UK Band The Orange Lights is getting funding from the Ingenious Music VCT. Ingenious is a venture capital company that has worked/is working with Travis, David Ford, Ulrich Schnauss, Blackbud, and Embrace (all four through the Independiente record label). In addition, they’re supporting Indiana Gregg, Prodigy, Passenger, Peter Gabriel and UB40 among others.

So, are they producing results? I mean, they’re literally pouring millions of dollars into these established and unknown music artists. You can check their progress report here.

  1. having read this blog, I can tell you that Ingenious isn’t interested in ‘results’ necessarily. The VCT was set up simply to make money via a tax escape. The bands were asked to put money on deposit in order to draw down funds from the VCT. So, your statement of money being literally poured out into these artists is a misconception of how the fund actually works. Ingenious is gauranteed a return on their investment whether the artists/bands are successful or not. It is a no-risk situation for the VCT. Scandalous really. Not sure how they got it to pass.

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