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Madonna Signing to Ingenious Media Active Capital?

In Album Releases, International A&R, Music Business, Music Industry, Music News, U.S. A&R, UK A&R on October 9, 2007 at 10:53 am

Is Madonna signing to Ingenious Media Active Capital? Following all the hullabaloo and suspense regarding Radiohead’s record label decision, NIN’s new found freedom, Oasis’ questionable future, and the slew of heritage artists already allied with Ingenious Media (Peter Gabriel, Travis, Prodigy), Madonna could possibly be headed in the venture capital trust’s direction. With a London residence as a second home, the inventive pop star, now 49, is rumored to have expanded business discussions beyond Live Nation (and others) with a keen eye for Ingenious’ (a UK company) crafty financial arrangements and deep pockets. If a deal is ever to materialize, Madonna would also join Ingenious venture capital mates UB40, as the aging Brit reggae act will use the VC to release the new full length album “Tyler” come 2008.


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