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Soundgarden Reunion 2008

In Soundgarden Reunion on November 10, 2007 at 2:09 pm

Will there be a Soundgarden reunion in 2008? No. Hits had posted a rumor back on November 1 but anything of the sort is totally unlikely to come to fruition. There are just too many documented indicators alluding to the fact that this is an impossibility. Case and point, you can read the November 7, 2007 Cleveland Free Times interview where Chris Cornell comments on the chance of a Soundgarden reunion,

I would say right now, zero percent…but if we were going to reunite, I would have to ask the question, ‘What are we reuniting for? Is it because a couple of us got together to work on some songs that were turning out great? Is it for a benefit?’

  1. I sure hope, grew up with their music and enjoy hearing chris’ musical journey apart from audioslaves first record, it would be hard to top their prior songs, but really, how many other bands can keep fresh sounds coming before a pattern sets in? Its like saying your sick of lovemaking, an impossibility.

  2. Bring back Chris Cornell & Soundgarden. I miss the grungy sound when they had hiro yamamoto
    as the first bassit. I also miss hearing all of their albums, I made my own Greatest Hits cd to pass the time. S.G. REUNITE!!!

  3. I really hope they come back together.

  4. Please come save rock music, cause it kinda sucks right now!

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