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Soko, The Horrors

In Record Producer News, UK A&R, UK Music on March 19, 2008 at 3:19 pm

California indie singer Rebekah LeBeau is actually pretty decent – not unlike Tristan Prettyman, Anna Nalick.
(Talent Filter Blog)

I still love Dallas’ Sarah Jaffe. Is she a looker? Well…um…but she sounds so darn good.

After reading Record of the Day message board, some interesting items to sum up:

French 21 year old Soko went from acting to recording. This led to her buzz song “I’ll Kill Her”. YouTube success followed with imitation videos etc. She’s going strong in Netherlands and Australia (radio) but without any type of UK or USA deal.

UK bands Tinseltown and White Lies will now record for Fiction/Universal?

The Horrors left Universal with video man Chris Cunningham (Bjork) getting producer cred on their forthcoming.

War Tapes…..more of the same, no?

And moving on…

UK’s These New Puritans..are they any good? Domino thinks so.


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