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Dido to Sell House and Release New Album 2008

In Album Releases, Dido, Real Estate on March 22, 2008 at 10:03 am

Dido is to sell her Los Angeles house (news on The Real Estalker) and release a new album in 2008. No telling when she’ll have a buyer or where she’ll move to….and we don’t know when the heck her new record hits the internet. Expect music in 3rd or 4th quarter 2008.

  1. what i am wondering about ,

    is that iv’e heared last year that her newest album would come out between the end of 2007 and march 2008 its now may 2008 im a huge fan of Dido and I come from the Netherlands but we don’t hear anything from her here! please help me out? my email is: thanks!

  2. Dido has cried wolf and said her new album is coming out for about two years now and has let us down each time…it has been such a roller coaster ride of excitement and disappoint that I don’t even care if the album comes out AT ALL anymore, even though I used to be the biggest Dido fan. Very disappointing…she should have been honest with her fans from the start instead of hiding behind her publicists and leading us all on forever and ever until everyone’s so sick of waiting they don’t care anymore.

  3. Methinks that Dido shot her creative load on the last album and she knows it. Look for a very disappointing new album when and if it is released. It happens all the time…. sad, but true.

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