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November 8, 2000

Cornbread is a 4 piece from Columbus, Georgia. 3 song demo CD. 2 songs produced by Shawn Mullins and 1 by David Ryan Harris (of TMC/Elektra act Brand New Immortals). In the vein of Sister Hazel, Shawn Mullins, Edwin McCain. “Mona Lisa’s Smile” has been added to regular rotation at Columbus commercial WCGQ. 5000+ in career sales. Draw 300 to local club shows. Being considered for soundtrack to the new Jerry Bruckheimer film “Black Hawk Down”. Tuned in are Arista, Capitol, London-Sire, Tommy Boy, Melisma, Columbia, Russell Carter Management, Greenberg-Traurig Law, Ken Block (Sister Hazel), WHHY-FM Montgomery AL. No lawyer or manager yet. Show 12/8 at Columbus’ The Loft. Contact Keni Thomas at 706 324 3723,,

Update: The unsigned Monique Mosee is now on Billboard Top 200 Album Chart, 84 on R&B Chart, total sales of 8024. I hear she has a meeting with a major label head in coming days. (Charles King at, Kyle Smith at Nashville’s Fair Verona is playing in LA right now as I’m typing. Recent 2 song demo (almost like Veruca Salt meets Liz Phair).They have yet to complete recording new songs with Eddie Kramer. Up to 200 draw at local shows, approaching 1000 in career sales. Looking for manager (Sean Brennen at or Chris Parker at Former Aware act 19 Wheels have a new Donny Brown (Verve Pipe drummer) produced CD out. Their song “Broken” has been added to commercials WGRD Grand Rapids, Michigan (heavy spins) and KBRS Fayetteville, Arkansas (Chris Johnston at Motor plays at LA’s Cafe Largo ASCAP show 11/14 8PM.

November 2, 2000

Monique Mosee (accent on last e) is from Philadelphia. Age 23. “Girl Like Me” CD through indie company KNR Entertainment. Soundscan is at about 5755 units. She’s a little like Toni Braxton, Pink, Aaliyah. Check BDS for “Girl Like Me” (song title) spins at commercials WAMO Pittsburgh, WPHI Philadelphia, WJMN Boston, KJMM Tulsa, WDZZ Flint MI, WJBT Jacksonville FL, WQOK Raleigh NC. In addition to writing her own material she has paired up with producers Rick Starr (Brandy), Kenny Taylor (Babyface, K-Ci and JoJo). Charting in Billboard. Universal (among others I don’t doubt) is tuned in. See her at Philadelphia’s Club Pegasus 11/6. Manager is Charles King. Lawyer is Robert Roundtree. Call Roy Azem 650 631 7556 or Kyle Smith 419 443 8787,

40 Below Summer is a 5 piece from NYC/New Jersey. Their song “Falling Down” hooks me, it’s ferocious hardcore but not without the melodic sensibility of bands like Incubus or Cold. Label interest. Show at NYC’s Lion’s Den 12/6. Lawyer is Peter Shukat/Jonas Herbsman. Contact Lillian Loving at,

News: California signs to Trauma, searching for publishing deal (John Greenberg at The Clarks (Razor & Tie label) are ready to sign a publishing deal, one offer in. Offer to have a song featured in Warner Bros. movie/soundtrack and early discussions of placing “Chasin’ Girls” as theme song to television show,120,000+ in career sales (Rishon Blumberg at Minus has an offer, playing Atlanta BMI show 11/9 at Dark Horse, beginning to search for publishing/management (Lee Beitchman at Ram Squad is off Universal and will be releasing through RuffLife/Warner Bros. “Ballers” single is charting. Their song “Sex Sex Money Money” is on the “Bait” movie soundtrack. Searching for booking agent now (Bernard Resnick I hear Erica Harwood (of London act Harwood) is scheduled to meet with Maverick and MCA while in Los Angeles over next five days. Her song “Bullet” is a nice one, it’s sultry and melodic, reminds me of Garbage (Tony Hughes at 44 7785 30 1138,, Sweden’s Grass Show coming in to NYC next week to showcase at Brownies 11/8 7PM. Minneapolis hardcore act 2 Ton Crutch drew 800 to recent show at First Avenue venue, 2000 in sales (Ken Abdo at,

November 27, 2000

Celldweller is from New York City. This act is currently a studio project fronted by Klayton. 3 song demo CD mixed by Grant Mohrman (Filter, Republica). I love the song “Under My Feet”, “Stay With Me” is shaping up to be a good one also. Sound is like Tool, A Perfect Circle, NIN, Depeche Mode. Klayton’s previous band sold almost 40,000 records as an indie. Said to have 500 person street team due to his past success. No lawyer yet. Manager is Tyler Bacon (he originally signed Sixpence None the Richer and Fleming & John to indie label REX). Willing to explore co-management with bigger company. Tyler is at 310 820 4734,,

Soil is a 5 piece from Chicago. 3 song demo CD produced by Johnny K. (Disturbed, Caviar). “Halo” and “My Own” are good ones. In vein of Godsmack, Soundgarden. Tight, melodic with big ass, gritty vocals that hit you in the chest. Draw of 450 folks to recent show at Chicago’s Metro. Lawyer is Peter Tsiolis. No manager. Contact Shaun Glass at 847 253 1337,, (MP3s at site).

News/Projections: Rearview Mirror should be signing with Gobstopper/Palm Pictures (label discovered them in Demo Diaries August 14, 2000). Drowning Pool (D Diaries 8/14/00) signed to Wind-Up (Creed’s label). Pressure 4-5 (D Diaries 10/11/00) signed to Dreamworks. Injected (D Diaries 11/8/99) signed to Island/Def Jam. The Wine Field (D Diaries 5/4/98) is close to signing with Priority. Color (D Diaries 10/25/99) is on Melisma. Dublin act Bloom (D Diaries 8/29/00) is starting to pick up more interest including Independiente, EMI Publishing UK.

More Demo Diaries Artists Signed: John Lardieri (Demo Diaries 9/19/00) signed to London/Sire. He’s looking for a reputable manager right now and will seek publishing soon. See him play in NYC at CB’s Gallery March 22 and Lion’s Den March 30 (call him at 646 591 4465). Samhill (Demo Diaries 10/25/99) signing to Epic. And I never mentioned that Laura Dawn (formerly Laura Galpin Demo Diaries 3/29/99) and Tommy Walter (formerly Tely Demo Diaries 7/12/99) are both on Extasy/Warner Bros.

Slack Season just got another add at WPLA Jacksonville, FL. C60 has “Hit” added at WFNX Boston and WGIR Manchester, NH (Hugo Burnham at

March 5, 2001

Los Angeles Scene: Benny Cassette sounds like Beck meets Eminem meets early 80s NYC rap. Arista and Clockwork are on it and more meetings last week with Interscope and Maverick (Todd Rubenstein at, Venice band Suckerpump ( has the rocktronica thing going on, crunchy Rob Zombie like guitars. UK feel to it though. Hollywood band Glitch surfacing as well (for both John Reese at Freeze Management,

News: Atlanta band Film has been plugging away for a couple of years. Rick Beato produced EP out this March (the song “Q” produced by Don McCollister). They’re featured on Bombtrax Insite Compilation. A couple of major labels checking on them, reportedly will showcase for one. Singer from Australia, keyboardist from Scotland. You’ll hear Verve, INXS melodies in there. No manager (lawyer Greg Brooks at, Among Thieves at NYC’s CBGB 3/6 9:30PM. Said to have showcased for Reprise last week. Song “My Mistake” in Peter Fonda movie “Wooly Boys” (Alan Robert at Schatzi at Austin’s Metro 3/15 10PM.

Unsigned at Commerical Radio: “Sideways” by The Sheila Divine gets added at Boston’s WFNX and Buffalo’s WEDG. Will Hoge gets adds at Birmingham’s WRAX and Philadelphia’s WXPN/World Cafe. Past adds include Nashville’s WRLT and Memphis’ WMPS.

February 27, 2001

The Juliana Theory is a 5 piece from Adamsburg, Pennsylvania. It’s not like you haven’t read about them by now. But the facts are: “Emotion Is Dead” CD (Tooth & Nail) has sold 25,000 and previous release sold 15,000. Said to draw 400+ in NYC, Chicago and LA. June Warped Tour dates. “Understand The Dream is Over” single will probably get a bunch of commercial specialty adds at end of March/April (already on KITS San Francisco and WXDX Pittsburgh). They’re not unlike Third Eye Blind, Lit, Blink 182 at times. Josh Karchmer and Marc Schapiro at, managers.

Outspoken is a 5 piece from Louisville, Kentucky. In vein of Alice In Chains, Cold, Godsmack. Melodic. 3 song demo. I hear Elektra, Republic are checking them out. “Revolving” might be added to Louisville commercial WTFX soon. Producer Pete Matthews (Dust For Life) is talking to them now. NYC shows at Arlene Grocery April 10 7:30PM and CBGB April 14 9PM. Fred Davis is lawyer. Scott Frazier at 502 896 6250, or Diane Ernest/Dean Cramer (Ernest Entertainment) at 212 333 8253, managers.

Shows: Lucky Town in NYC at Arlene Grocery March 6 8PM. New demos mixed by Mitch Easter (Bob McNaughton at, Atrixo at LA’s Whisky A Go-Go March 1 9:30PM, Columbia and Dreamworks scheduled to attend.

February 21, 2001

Commercial station WTKS Orlando, FL (market 41) has a weekend music format. Three unsigned/indie acts are on the playlist now: Slack Season’s “Highway Firecracker”, Ashtray Babyhead’s “Mir” and The Chase Theory’s “Chandelier”.

Songs/Records: Gabriel Gordon’s new demo “Magnetism” is nice (2/27 at LA’s Dragonfly, 3/2 at NYC’s Arlene Grocery). DNA Doll’s “Paradise Sold” (produced by Andy Gill) has a nice ethereal, melodic quality about it. Dashboard Confessional’s “Swiss Army Romance” song is cool. Howie Day’s new CD is at 5500 in sales, playing sold out shows in various markets, add at WXPN (NYC show coming in March). The Sheila Divine’s new CD is good. Has a UK 80s thing about it at times. Radio adds scheduled. Minus now has two offers. New demos (manager Josh Karchmer at The Jealous Sound (D Diaries Jan 10, 2000) signed to Mojo.

February 16, 2001

Stonevelvet is a 5 piece from Columbus, Ohio. Very melodic pop rock. 19 year old Tiffany Evans vaguely sounds like Gwen Stefani at times but with a strong, convincing vibrato. 300+ draw to live shows. Music just began circulating. I hear RCA and EMI Publishing are looking into them (manager Ariel Bender at 954 566 4423, lawyer Joe Brenner at, Oren at,

February 15, 2001

Micah Green is from NYC. 11 song CD produced by Duncan Sheik. I like “Friends in High Places”, “Family Circus” and “Hollywood”. In vein of Elliot Smith, Weezer, Duncan Sheik. Subtle, melodic, indie-esque at times. Support from LA’s KCRW (Micah at or David Leinheardt at,

February 13, 2001

Las Vegas band Slow To Surface has new 3 song demo done with engineer/producer Dave Dominguez (Papa Roach, Staind, Powerman 5000). Not unlike progressive bands such as Tool but with melodic emo style. Columbia, Maverick, Beyond, Island attended recent showcase (Pat Ellis at,, demo at site).

Atlanta’s Travisty Theory is lead by 19 year old Travis Harvey. 3 song demo produced by Owsley and Peter Bunetta, mixed by Tom Lord-Alge. At times sounds suspiciously like music from the Bowery in NYC late 70s hidden behind modern rock production. What do I know. They have publishing offer. SXSW ASCAP Showcase March 16 at The Drink (Lanny West at,

Status of the Signed: Coldplay at 200,000 in U.S. sales, Nelly Furtado at 200,000 in U.S. sales.

February 8, 2001

Unsigned/Indie on commercial radio: Wayne has their song “Letterbox” added to WRAX Birmingham AL, 20 spins/week (Simon Horrocks at, Keen will reportedly have their song “281” added to KRZQ Reno NV next week (Kelly Kollar at, Slack Season getting 11 spins/week with “Highway Firecracker” at WRUF Gainesville FL (Ray Powell at Aunt Flossie’s “For You For Me” continues to spin in regular rotation at KLBJ Austin TX, also reported add at WNOR Norfolk VA (Ray Maiello at, Arson Welles has their song “Easy On Me” in regular rotation at WOXY Cincinnati/Oxford OH (

February 4, 2001

The music industry is a big piece of sh-t. Anyway…..

Buddahead is decent. Fronted by London guy Raman Kia. Some of the songs were done with Bill Appleberry and Toby Miller (Colony, Adema). After maybe 4-5 listens “When I Fall” became my favorite with the soaring string section at the close. Then I like “Chains”. But if you want more American sounds try “Cruel”. Other than that song it’s all very UK. I heard Arista, American, J, Capitol, Dreamworks were checking them out. They’re with Rondor Publishing. Ron Moss can get you a copy,

I like this band Brown out of Raleigh, North Carolina. Raw demos, unpolished style fits this act featuring Reed Mullin (COC) and John Custer. They have “Jennifer” (which I haven’t heard) spinning 12-15 times/week on commercial WBBB (market 48). I like the song “Satellite”. They’re sound is Axl Rose, David Bowie, Dinosaur Jr., Soundgarden. Contact the email to get in touch,

Errortype:11 is surfacing again. Reportedly being checked out by Capitol, Arista, RCA, American. NYC Mercury Lounge show February 28. Jon Keidan at

Tabloid Nation has an offer from Blackbird/Atlantic. Several other labels remain interested. Atlantic exec(s) supposed to be at NYC Brownies show February 8 10PM.

Ruby Amanfu in discussions with Polydor UK.

Stage (D Diaries Oct 17, 2000) is signed to Maverick.

Hey can someone help me get this demo by LA based band Stendec (the dudes are from Gordon, Local H, Dig, White Zombie). Email me thanks.

I sat here all day listening to Creeper Lagoon’s “Wrecking Ball”. Most of my other days I listen to Coldplay, U2, Richard Ashcroft or Matthew Good over and over and over……

January 23, 2001


Detroit band Rev (in vein of Lit, Face to Face, Marvelous 3, Bad Religion) now has their song “So Long” spinning 11-14 times/week evenings at Detroit commercial WRIF. Talking to producer Josh Abraham (Crazy Town, Staind, Limp Bizkit, Orgy) about production deal. Have showcased for Dreamworks, Atlantic, Elektra. Lawyer is Barry Mallen. Manager is Rick Smith (Days of The New). Download 3 demos at Contact band member Charlie Grover (formerly of Sponge) at or 248 543 1517. NYC’s Celldweller is back with 3 new demos: “Switchback”, “Afraid This Time”, “So Sorry To Say”. Still like Depeche Mode, Tool, NIN, Vast. Really impressive material. Download by clicking/right clicking at (contact Tyler Bacon at Cleavage doing demos with Arista. Skinny Bone Jones has an offer from Nu America/Arista (Babyface’s label). Six Clips in negotiations with Sony Publishing. Slack Season plays in LA at Gig/Melrose 1/25 8:30PM. Will reportedly get add at Gainesville, FL commercial WRUF. Monique Mosee is now at 23,000 in sales with her indie CD.

January 16, 2001

Schatzi is 4 piece from Austin, Texas. “Death of the Alphabet” is getting 12-14 spins/week on commercial KROX. 8 song indie EP. They’re sort of like Sunny Day Real Estate, Weezer, Lit, Nirvana at times. Local live draw is now up to 400 people. Offer from Restart Records, the label formed by At the Drive In. On CMJ March Sampler. They have a lawyer. Contact manager George Couri at 512 479 7030,

Gabriel Gordon is from NYC. He plays guitar for Natalie Merchant. “Angelika” and “News for You” are the good ones on “Frequency” CD. MCA, Interscope, Capitol, Virgin, RCA, Reprise, Epic, Columbia scheduled to attend LA’s Mint show January 24. He’s not unlike Jeffrey Gaines, Lenny Kravitz, Ben Harper. Live draw can be over 100. He has a lawyer. Contact manager Chad Jensen at 805 569 2538,,

The Blank Theory is a 4 piece from Chicago. Not unlike Incubus, Deftones, Tool. New songs to be sent out this week. February 2 show at Metro. Among those that are scheduled to attend are Dreamworks, Columbia, V2. Local draw is over 500. They have a lawyer. Contact manager Andy Georgin at 773 294 7365,,

More News: Chicago R&B group 3pc. seems to be doing very well. “Don’t Miss A Good Thang” is a good one off their 7 song sampler. Last I heard it was spinning 5 times/week at Chicago commercial WGCI. In vein of acts like R. Kelly, Dru Hill, Jagged Edge, Brian McKnight. 800+ to live shows, single “U 4 Me” soundscanned 17,000. Elektra, Atlantic, RCA are/were tuned in (Maurice Jefferson at 773 582 9980, Richmond, California’s Unjust have reportedly been checked out by Capitol, Atlantic, Columbia, American, Immortal, Giant, Maverick, Jive (contact Eric at, ). NYC’s Further play at NYC’s CBGB 1/16 8:30PM. Did new demos with Epic. Taped show for Farmclub (contact Joshua at, Chicago’s Soil will showcase 1/21 at Chicago’s Metro.

December 6, 2000

Cool songs that are circulating in the major label community…..

“Are You Satisfied” by Richmond, Virginia’s Mudcat Jones. Off 6 song demo. They’ve recorded with Jeff Juliano (Dave Matthews, Sev, Agents of Good Roots) and Paul Hager (Caviar, Tracy Bonham, Shawn Mullins). Song reminds me of Lit, Tonic. Band has 4000 in career sales. Up to 100 draw at east coast shows. Seen at NYC Brownies show a couple of nights ago were Universal, Columbia, Epic, Razor & Tie and some big lawyers. No lawyer yet. Manager Alan Stewart at,

“Well” by Los Angeles act Amory. Off 3 song demo. Song is sort of Train meets Everclear. Lava offered them a demo deal at one point. Band has also recorded with Tony Berg as producer. Lawyer is Carolyn Javier. Shawn Edgar at 213 280 4533,

“Feel It” or “Victim #1” by Chicago’s Pivot Man. Sounds like Rob Zombie, Ministry but poppier. Singer Matt Mercado used to be in Mind Bomb (formerly signed to Mercury). Labels tuned in include Maverick, Atlantic, Divine, Hollywood. New song “Beautiful Splinters” scheduled to be in the Henry Thomas (actor in E.T.) directed movie “Poison”. Chicago show at Metro January 5. Lawyer is Jeffrey Light. Manager Sean Duffy at,

News: St. Louis act Just Add Water (almost like Marvelous 3, Stroke 9) had/has their song “Holiday” spinning around 20 times/week at commercial KNSX (Daniel Friedman at, Headspace is now with Velvet Hammer Management (Taproot, System Of A Down). Atrixo at Chicago’s Hard Rock Cafe 12/29 10PM. Bleu at NYC’s Mercury Lounge 12/13 7:30PM.


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