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Archive 5

August 13, 2001

More Unsigned Radio Adds: Tribe of Judah on WFNX Boston. Buzz Poets on WEJE Ft. Wayne IN. Boxelder on WRLX West Palm Beach FL. *The Strokes (RCA) get an add at XTRA San Diego, album drops Sept. 25.

August 7, 2001

More Unsigned News: San Diego’s Shadow Drop has a label offer. Reportedly showcased for Immortal, Maverick, RCA. 10 labels scheduled to attend August 28 10PM show at LA’s Roxy. Guitar riffs are not unlike Metallica at times but a bit poppier overall (Brian Harold at Poughkeepsie, New York band L.B.S. (featuring 2 members of Island act Pound) has a new demo. Sort of Live meets Soundgarden. Their song “Vital Sign” has an add at hip commercial WDST Poughkeepsie. Still with EMI Publishing. Show August 14 at NYC’s CBGB 8:30PM (Joe Verdi at LA’s eastmountainsouth now has “Ghost” on KCRW. Houston’s Faceplant still seems to have RCA and Warner Bros interested. Atlanta’s Soup recorded new songs with Russ-T and Scott Mikell. NYC’s Saccharine has a Dan Myers (The Strokes, Rival Schools, From Good Homes) produced demo. They’re almost like a retro Goo Goo Dolls. Might have Epic, Artemis, Atlantic at their August 22 NYC Mecury Lounge 9:30PM show (John Gaenzler at

August 6, 2001

I’ve got money here and I’m ready to offer a 3 song demo deal to an artist that I can really get into. That being said, if you have/know some NEW talent with unrecorded or recorded songs that you think has “it”, please turn them on to me asap. I do things on the fast track, ain’t no politics around here. My email is

News and Unsigned/Indie Radio Adds: Toledo, Ohio’s Lollipop Lust Kill has a major label offer, they also showcased recently for Atlantic and Ruffnation. They’re in the vein of Rob Zombie (Greg Caputo at Far Too Jones is on WBBB Raleigh NC and WKSI Greensboro NC, 1000 sold (Kirk Thompson at gets an add at Detroit’s WDRQ (Bruce Lorfel at Universal Canada act Big Sugar has several commercial adds in Canada (Larry Wanagas at Keeping with the spirit of that 1970’s Bowery sound comes California Bay Area band The Pattern, meetings taken with Virgin, Warner Bros., Interscope. Matt Nathanson (Demo Diaries April 12, 1999) signed to the new Third Rail Publishing (for both acts Jordan Kurland at Pomeroy and Mandown both in rotation at KIWR Omaha NE. James (new single, no U.S. deal), My Regrets, The Bears (Adrian Belew’s band) and Seafood (UK) all spinning at WOXY Cincinnati OH.

*Soil gets discovered off Demo Diaries November 27, 2000. By July 30 2001 “Halo” (J Records) is added at 35+ rock stations in markets such as Boston, Denver, San Diego, Dallas, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Orlando, Hartford, Cleveland, Detroit, Miami, Milwaukee, Norfolk, Memphis. Under the same management is Stripping the Pistol whose showcase for a newly interested major is pending (Pete Tsiolis at

I ain’t saying I saw Drowning Pool’s story coming, I’ll be the first to admit that. But I did write on August 14, 2000 quote “Drowning Pool is a 4 piece from Dallas, Texas. Working on 6 song CD. 1 song ‘Tear Away’ demo is circulating. ‘Tear Away’ is scheduled to be added to night rotation at Dallas commerical KEGL. Sounds like Tool, Alice in Chains a bit. 400 to shows. Atlantic, Velvet Hammer, Zomba Publ., Agency Group, Concrete all into it. Show August 25 at Dallas’ Curtain Club. Lawyer is Nick Ferrara. Contact manager Paul Bassman at,”. Anyway Wind-Up ended up making the commitment. Album dropped June 5, 2001 and went gold in 48 days. And of course Paul’s other band, Flickerstick (Demo Diaries Aug 16, 1999), went to Epic.

Ironically, I posted Michelle Branch the same day as Drowning Pool. She’s breaking out all over as well, especially with NYC’s WHTZ 100.3, the ultimate radio add, and MTV video add.

Also, on April 26, 1999 (without seeing it coming I admit again) I did write “Meanwhile further south, Vacaville, California’s Papa Roach has sold a total of 4000 cds and is currently drawing 450 to shows in Sacramento/San Jose, 250 in San Francisco. Who’s been checking them out? That would be Warner Bros., Interscope and Jive. They’re a bit like Rage Against The Machine, Deftones (Elliot Cahn 510 652 1615,,


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