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Archive 10

December 5, 2004

I concur with several other industry pundits (NME, Mojo, BBC, MTV2) that London’s Hard-Fi seemingly have a UK hit on their hands. They put out a CD 5 weeks ago on indie Necessary Records. Their song “Cash Machine” has a Clash, Stones, Gorillaz ring about it. The video appears purposely homemade but charming nonetheless with the jet planes flying overhead. Big industry peeps are pursuing them….news shortly on this. Leonard Lowy is lawyer, Warren Clarke is manager, Ian Huffam is booker (Helter Skelter Agency).

Another fave of mine is the already signed and successful Brit band Athlete (Parlophone/EMI). Their new single “Wires” is Coldplay in slow motion. They’re a bit like Snow Patrol too, yea? Album due in January 2005.

November 29, 2004

I got myself on the guestlist at Pianos and witnessed the first ever NYC show by Mancunians Longview. In fact they are still signed directly to Warner UK. I’ll best describe them as The Verve covering Ride if the lead singer looked like a tall Beck with Chris Martin’s timbre. I should add that there’s this nutrasweet Brit rock appeal about them as well–a tight, melodic, controlled mayhem with reverb, echo and jam-like qualities. Time warp it back to 1992 Manchester, UK and you’ll feel right at home. I imagine the audience was 80 people strong including Matt Pinfield (92.3 K-Rock, Columbia Records). I suspect Columbia’s Greg Boggs was there too waiting to see his signing Elkland go on at 10pm.

I’m on an anglo-phile kick lately and that explains my massive appetite for all things UK/Euro. I watched the flic Intermission this past weekend starring Colin Farrell. He’s good as always but even better and picking up serious heat in Hollywood is Cillian Murphy (28 Days Later, Girl With A Pearl Earring, Batman Begins [upcoming 2005]). Brilliant actor and terribly handsome.

December 5, 2004

I concur with several other industry pundits (NME, Mojo, BBC, MTV2) that London’s Hard-Fi seemingly have a UK hit on their hands. They put out a CD 5 weeks ago on indie Necessary Records. Their song “Cash Machine” has a Clash, Stones, Gorillaz ring about it. The video appears purposely homemade but charming nonetheless with the jet planes flying overhead. Big industry peeps are pursuing them….news shortly on this. Leonard Lowy is lawyer, Warren Clarke is manager, Ian Huffam is booker (Helter Skelter Agency).

Another fave of mine is the already signed and successful Brit band Athlete (Parlophone/EMI). Their new single “Wires” is Coldplay in slow motion. They’re a bit like Snow Patrol too, yea? Album due in January 2005.

February 8, 2005

The Bittersweets from San Francisco. Produced by Dylan Magierek (My Morning Jacket, Innocence Mission). Folk rock like Shawn Colvin or Patty Griffin. Singer Hannah Prater is 23.

Antony and the Johnsons (old video) from NYC. This is the ‘art pop’ of the moment. Antony has a new CD out on indie label Secretly Canadian. He warbles his way through the lyrics with a maudlin, cabaret piano. I can tell you that Rufus Wainwright, Lou Reed, Boy George and Devendra Banhart worked on this record. Last Joe’s Pub date sold out, Bowery Ballroom bill 2/24. Licensed to Rough Trade Records UK. Press in Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, New York Magazine.

February 5, 2005

The Bravery (“Honest Mistake” video). I posted this song in audio about 11 months ago. Their manager Pete Galli emailed me then saying things were picking up for them. They went on to sign with Loog/Polydor UK (due 3/14) and Island U.S. (due 3/29). The NME says “New York’s slickest young hopefuls are set to become one of the world’s biggest stories in 2005”. Anything’s possible I guess. New Order sees a release on Warner 3/28 in the UK and 4/26 in the U.S. Click above to hear.

A reunited Frente and The Futureheads both cover Kate Bush’s “Hounds of Love”. Kate Bush will release a new CD this year…hm…Tori Amos has a CD out on February 22.

February 10, 2005

Feeder had the #2 UK album last week. Gil Norton (The Pixies, Foo Fighters) produced it. Mark Richardson joined the band 3 years ago after original drummer Jon Lee killed himself. Click to hear “Bitter Glass”.

Doves return with a new video. See what depressed, small town Brit life looks like.

Lucian Freud’s (grandson of Sigmund Freud) 3 year old painting of a nude, pregnant Kate Moss sold for 6.5 million yesterday. Fascinating. Lucian is 82.

February 2005-News Hilights

Amos Lee sounds good to me. I like. He’s age 27. Debut out on Blue Note March 1. Touring with Bob Dylan.

I saw 22 year old Philadelphia girl Lisa Bouchelle perform at a place on Bleecker street two nights ago. Quite a dynamic, over the top voice she has live. A real singer. I was impressed by some self-indulgent, possessive moments she offered despite the diva like pop. She looked like Hillary Duff and Kelly Clarkson but carried herself like a Mariah Carey meets Alanis. Woah, that was an erratic review but I think I nailed it. Anyhow, some upstart indie label has offered her a comfy deal with possibly Dave Bendeth (Vertical Horizon) producing.

Natalie Imbruglia is previewing her new video. The pause in the car chase is creative. Listen to that familiar UK style melody in the verses. Something new for her? She’s still beautiful, even without the L’Oreal makeup. She’s married to Silverchair’s Daniel Johns who co-produced the upcoming CD.

Surefire from NYC. These 18 year olds are doing the showcase thing tomorrow night at NYC’s Mercury Lounge, 9:30. Count on that good ole industry turnout. Sound is Tom Petty meets Oasis? They use Marathon Management (Andrew W.K., The Stills, International Noise Conspiracy).

Watch the We Jam Econo trailer. It’s a documentary on seminal American punk band the Minutemen. Singer D. Boon died in a 1985 car crash. Bassist Mike Watt later formed Firehose.

Matthew Good could use a new record deal in the U.S. Universal Canada has optioned one more album. 650,000+ in career sales. A compilation/DVD/rarities package is in the works right now also. He only released one CD in the States on Atlantic. Some of his best writing is found on what would be considered moody album tracks. He’s quite the lyrical revolutionary (“Prime Time Deliverance”, “I Miss New Wave”, “Truffle Pigs”, “Advertising On Police Cars”). Bernie Breen Management.

Averi from Boston. I posted them a few years ago after chatting with Mike in the band. They have a new 2005 CD. Release party at Boston’s Paradise Lounge on 2/26 is sold out (650 kids). They use Ralph Jaccodine as manager. 6 labels might have called recently. Career sales said to be at 12,000 or so.

Munkster from London. A fitting tune for a rainy Monday in NYC. Produced by my buddy Julian Standen (Lemonheads, Soup Dragons). Check singer Seb Wesson’s music collection for Chris Martin and Jeff Buckley. Unsigned.

Antony and the Johnsons (old video) from NYC. This is the ‘art pop’ of the moment. Antony has a new CD out on indie label Secretly Canadian. He warbles his way through the lyrics with a maudlin, cabaret piano. I can tell you that Rufus Wainwright, Lou Reed, Boy George and Devendra Banhart worked on this record. Last Joe’s Pub date sold out, Bowery Ballroom bill 2/24. Licensed to Rough Trade Records UK. Press in Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, New York Magazine.

London’s My Luminaries. More of the Blur, XTC thing. I think the BBC’s Steve Lamacq was at their show two weeks ago. A major label is funding some new demos right now.

The Faders marketing campaign has begun. The website is now updated and functional with video. It looks and smells like an early MTV add. “No Sleep Tonight” single hits March 21. The best part is the kick drum. I don’t even know if they’ll be shuffled over to Interscope or Island U.S. from Polydor UK. I’m not sure of the publishing status on the songs but this shite might end up being the ubiquitous TV/Film trailer anthem come late spring/summer. Here come Josie and The Pussycats, again. The cartoon was pretty good though. U.S. sales projection: 175,000-500,000.

February 3, 2005

London’s My Luminaries. More of the Blur, XTC thing. I think the BBC’s Steve Lamacq was at their show two weeks ago. A major label is funding some new demos right now.

UK veterans Embrace are at 500,000+ sales over there with “Out of Nothing” (also a #1 album last year). Lava Records has signed them up here for a May 3 release. They were on the charts (1998) long before Coldplay and Keane ever came along. But if they sound even more like Coldplay now it’s because Chris Martin wrote one of their newer singles called “Gravity”. UK label is Independiente/Sony.

February 1, 2005

The Faders marketing campaign has begun. The website is now updated and functional with video. It looks and smells like an early MTV add. “No Sleep Tonight” single hits March 21. The best part is the kick drum. I don’t even know if they’ll be shuffled over to Interscope or Island U.S. from Polydor UK. I’m not sure of the publishing status on the songs but this shite might end up being the ubiquitous TV/Film trailer anthem come late spring/summer. Here come Josie and The Pussycats, again. The cartoon was pretty good though. U.S. sales projection: 30,000-500,000.

January 30, 2005

People in Planes from Cardiff, Wales. Reportedly had 10 major labels at their NYC Mercury Lounge showcase, January 24. To date, one offer on the table. Inevitably they have a warm, classic rock appeal that wouldn’t offend fans of Thom Yorke, Gomez or possibly even The Jayhawks. They’ve recorded with folks like Dan Austin (Cooper Temple Clause, The Doves). I believe Jarcrew manager Jo Hunt still handles them. Show at London’s Metro (19 Oxford St.) on Feb 2.

January 27, 2005

Atlanta’s Elevation plays the BMI Showcase February 3 @ Smith’s Olde Bar, Atlanta. They’re Switchfoot meets John Mayer. “Facedown” is super catchy. The BMI show is highly tipped. Michael Weeman hosts.

NYC’s The Upwelling. Moody with an indie, reverb, Brit feel. Pink Floyd fans wouldn’t be averse to these guys. February 18 @ NYC’s Mercury Lounge may sell out.

The UK’s Imogen Heap has a demo on Los Angeles’ KCRW radio. As mentioned in the past, you recall her as singer for Frou Frou (Garden State soundtrack) and a former Almo Records artist.

Niki Barr @ Viper Room in Los Angeles Wednesday Feb 2 8:30–expected are Epic, American, Hollywood. New York show @ Tribeca Rocks February 23 9:00–expected RCA, Columbia, Epic.


1. Cherryfalls
(Island UK)

2. Bloc Party

3. Athlete

4. Imogen Heap (unsigned)

5. Hard-Fi

6. M83

7. Battle

8. Aqualung

9. Elevation

10. The Faders
(Polydor UK)

11. The Futureheads

12. People in Planes

13. Maximo Park

14. Embrace

15. Regina Spektor

March 6, 2005

Something to Burn from Los Angeles. People in the midwest like Crossfade, Breaking Benjamin, Fuel. What are you gonna do. Records like these ship 500k-1 million. Straight and easy fastball down the middle. How hard can you hook ’em.

This Beautiful Republic from Maumee, Ohio. Heavy rock with Jawbox, Lit, Bad Religion sentiments.

Westrin & Mowry from Grand Ledge, Michigan. If Morrissey went Nashville.

Mike Previti plays NYC’s Pianos April 22, 8pm. Not unlike Tal Bachman, Better Than Ezra. Click above.

April 1, 2005

LA indie act Goldspot always had a good song in “Friday”. The 2005 version streaming at their site differs from the one circulating a couple years back. But still it has that Palo Alto flavor with the obligatory UK jangle. Actor Kal Penn (Kumar in “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle”) mentioned Goldspot in a movie he did called “Dude Where’s the Party”. And to complete this blurb it’s interesting to note that John Cho (Harold in “Harold and Kumar..”) sings in an LA band called Left of Zed (Brian in the band sent me their CD).

Lisa Hannigan doesn’t have a record deal does she? She’s all over Damien Rice’s “Blower’s Daughter” not to mention the rest of his god dang catalogue. I’m shocked or I’m ill informed. How does one pass over her stunning physique and smile? Leave it to me to post her frown.

By the end of each week I usually opt for more lo-fi bedroom records with real heart rather than major labeled out demos that spew a chorus in a speedy :50 seconds. So, I favor the solo demos by Brit girl Kate Stables. Evidently she borders on KT Tunstall and Natalie Merchant. I’m aware that she continues to play in a Bristol outfit by the name of Whalebone Polly.

Chicago’s Soil returns with new singer and new songs produced by Ulrich Wild (Static-X, White Zombie, Limp Bizkit). Mainstream grit and mosh with throaty vocals. Managed by The Firm, lawyered by Jeff Light. Career sales at 429,000 worldwide. I was the one who introduced them to their former major label. At the moment they are unsigned.

San Diego loner Angela Correa is a bit like Mary Lou Lord or Sheryl Crow. Just guitar and organ on this one. I heard KCRW radio fancies her.

I did not know Mary Lou Lord had a romance with Kurt Cobain beginning right before “Nevermind” was released in 1991. She also befriended Elliot Smith putting him on her tour bill back when she recorded for Work/Sony.

I posted indie Austin band Wide Awake a few years back. They’ve gone on to career sales of 30,000+ so far. They have a new album. Turns out their friend Molly Simms (yes the MTV host, model/actress) gave a copy to Maverick’s Guy Oseary. Subsequently he asked the band to play for him in LA not long ago.

March 31, 2005

Thus endeth March. And a windy NYC day it is. Today I’m listing bands kicked to the curb like last week’s major label trash. Perhaps I’ll throw in a couple of yet to be signed or indies. Unrelated: You have to promise to play Tangerine Dream’s “Love On a Real Train” (‘Risky Business’ soundtrack) to accompany all reading. Dramatic right? Is there a Tom Cruise movie where he’s not running down a street, standing in the rain or running down the street in the rain?

Flaw, albeit they have no singer currently, did about 428,000 on Republic/Universal over 2 CDs before being dropped.

Wheatus did 1 million worldwide on their debut Columbia CD before being dropped in the U.S. I believe their 2nd record is just sitting at their website for sale (no U.S. distro).

Authority Zero did 140,000 on Lava over 2 CDs before being dropped.

Luce did 30,000 on their Nettwerk debut. They have a new indie CD w/ campaign to follow.

The Appleseed Cast did almost 10,000 on indie Tiger Style. They are now unsigned.

Rye Coalition, produced by Dave Grohl, is free of Universal/Dreamworks with masters in hand. The CD was never released.

Matt Nathanson is free of Universal/Cherry. His major label debut did about 45,000 without much promotion.

Afroman just sold about 30,000 of his indie record in under a year. You recall he did 870,000 on Universal (1.5 million worldwide).

Hackensaw Boys are a southern bluegrass rock group from Charlottesville. Over 2 CDs they’ve sold 20,000. Recently they supported the Black Crowes and Cracker in NYC.

Cary Brothers sold 6000 of his EP (song on Garden State soundtrack). In addition he sold 10,000 “Blue Eyes” singles and 2000 iTunes downloads.

Sunday Driver has sold a career 10,000 with the help of indie Doghouse. 500 shows under their belt. Warped Tour southeast dates to come.

Research says Atlantic act The Donnas have sold shy of 100K on their latest (or 70K by 3/7/05). Remember their debut did about 400K?

March 30, 2005

The Party Ben website posts mashups (remixes) of popular songs. He morphs 2 or more songs by different stars into a linear dance formula. You know him as a specialty DJ at San Francisco’s Live 105 radio.

March 29, 2005

Gorillaz new video. It’s so far and away from what others are doing. Always a treat.

Morrissey releases “Who Put the M in Manchester” DVD today. Click link to see “There is a light..” live footage. It’s pretty hot despite the fact that he throws a shirt from his 45 year old sweaty body into the audience. Also available is the “Morrissey Live at Earls Court” CD. Not much else worth buying on Release Tuesday. The fact that Beck voiced his opinion on how so much of the music out there sounds the same is relatively entertaining. As if his CD is SO different, ______ please! Stereophonics, The Bravery hit stores today. And of course I can’t wait to get my copy of Will Smith. I’m kidding.

March 24, 2005

The Modern Rock Radio Format, All That We Left Behind:

WPLY-FM Philadelphia
WLIR-FM Long Island/NYC (92.7)
WOXY-FM Cincinnati

Arguably the format peaked 10 years ago with added fuel from the Seattle fiasco. Ratings across the board are clearly down right now and the prospect of more format switches is definitely in the works at some “key” stations.

If there’s anything to be learned by upswings and downswings in the music industry it’s that there isn’t such a thing as “artist development”. There is such a thing as “culture development”. The longevity of a band’s career usually runs parallel to the culture it’s marketed in. If major music entities insist on exploiting “subculture” movements before they’re truly ripe with solid foundations (a William Gibson concept), it’s no surprise that the cycle will run much shorter in that “genre” of music. Essentially it ends before it really begins.

On the other hand, the starving Trent Reznors, Kurt Cobains, Jeff Tweedys and Billy Joe Armstrongs aren’t about to turn down offers that promise them the world–so to hell with waiting. It just so happens jumping ship from their indie beginnings worked out well for them! I’ve confused myself, but I’m sure there is a point buried in that rubbish. It’s just very hard to articulate without over-analyzing.

So, in essence the recent cycles went like this, see if you can follow the timeline:

Lollapalooza-Seattle Sound-STP/Industrial Goth-NIN/Pre Lilith era-Tori/Rap Rock-Rage Against/LA Metal Punk-Jane’s Addic-RHCP/Indie Crossover-Smashing P/Pop Punk-Green Day-Offspring/Middle of Road Rock-Hootie phenomenon/ Jeff Buckley “Grace”-Alterna country-Radiohead “Bends”/ Brit Pop-Oasis-The Verve developing/Grassroots-pays off for Dave Matthews/Ska-Electronic-Bjork/Pop Rock-Alanis-California-Orange County-Sugar Ray-Sublime-No Doubt-Third Eye B-Smashmouth-Tonic/Lilith Fest-Jewel-Fiona-McLachlan/Middle of Road Rock-Matchbox 20 phenomenon/Elliot Smith hitting stride/Rap Rock peaks-Korn/Nu Metal-Tool/Rehashed Eddie Vedder-Creed/Garage of NYC-Detroit-UK-Rough Trade Records/Emo-Rehashed Sunny Day Real Estate-Pop Punk-Blink 182/Rehashed 80s-Brit Dance Rock/Rehashed Radiohead-Coldplay-Travis-Buckley-U2

March 23, 2005

I dig watching the latest Feeder video. I would say they’re the only band other than the Goo Goo Dolls who can make a career out of recycling the same chords every song. I’m not even kidding about that. The Gin Blossoms came close but were never in it for the longhaul. Now, this video is a lesson on how to compose a compartmentalized pop song a la verse-build-chorus-bridge etc. It also has the loner Englishman concept (see Verve, Athlete, Coldplay) and the standard rooftop jam to boot. Anyhow, their last CD was released by Republic/Universal in the States. The new 2005 CD has no label in the U.S. yet the band is massive back home in the UK/Europe. They headlined Wembley Arena (10,000) two years ago and have career sales at 1 million+.

Hm…and further Gil Norton (Foo Fighters, Counting Crows, Pixies) produced the Feeder CD. Why mention him? Because I’m about to tie in some self promotion to show that this little piggy (me) has some juice–not that anyone’s reading. So where was I? Oh right, Gil. Well, he also completed production on the upcoming release by NYC’s Morningwood (Capitol). How did Morningwood find their manager? Through me–is the answer. I used to talk to singer Chantal…and then posted the band…and so on and so forth.

March 22, 2005

Release Tuesdays Picks:

French model Carla Bruni (V2) brings her album to America. She sold 1 million copies in France last year. I think back in the day she laid Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton and Donald Trump (not simultaneously). Bloc Party (Vice) finally arrives on U.S. shores as does Aqualung (Red Ink/Columbia). The Decemberists (Kill Rock Stars) have a CD produced by Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie. It’s a bit nasally for my taste. Moby (V2) returns with “Hotel” and plans to market the CD via the “W” hotel chain.

Atlanta indie boys Red Letter Agent are charting at specialty radio. They work hard and are gearing up to shoot a video. Expect U2, Modern English, Longwave etc.

March 21, 2005

I’m guest listed to see the Aqualung show tonight at Bowery Ballroom. Record in stores tomorrow. Marty Diamond at Little Big Man Booking (Doves, Snow Patrol, Scissor Sisters) signed Aqualung for the U.S. through his Slightly Bigger/Red Ink/Columbia label. Irish act The Devlins open the show (their last major song placement was in the film ‘Closer’ during the strip club scene).

How Tight is Commercial Radio in 2005?
Let the radio consultants tell you themselves. This quote from a Jacobs Media website:

“…Bill Jacobs ran across a rough version of Audioslave’s ‘We Got The Whip’ floating around on file-sharing sites. After the label released its four singles in lock-step order, ‘Whip’ turned up as an import B-side on ‘Like A Stone.’ We started talking it up (it’s a good song) and many clients began to play it. However, these stations were pressured by the label, the management company, and the band itself to stop playing the song…”

So in summary: radio, the hated consolidated medium, tries to be adventurous by expanding its playlist–and who interferes? By golly, the artist reps! But irony can be comforting.

Speaking of Audioslave, here is the brand new single in disturbing 56k quality: “Be Yourself”. Their shameless attempt to go Top 40.

GO! Formerly known as The Scenes, they’ve been generating a good buzz lately. GO! were selected as one of 12 bands to watch out for by after their CMW performance this year and are showcased in Canadian Musician Magazine this month. They have recently started booking through S.L. Feldman and Associates and a pressing of 1000 copies of their latest EP produced by Arnold Lanni (Simple Plan, Our Lady Peace, Finger Eleven) disappeared in under a month. They are working with Coalition Entertainment Management (Simple Plan, Our Lady Peace) and plan to tour and possibly start the recording of a full length this summer. Contact Mike.


While exiting Central Park at 76th/5th Ave, I just walked by this small film crew shooting Jerry Seinfeld and Gary Shandling having a casual, documentary-like chat. The camera guy switched angles and suddenly I was in the shot which made me somewhat uncomfortable.

Newcomers Home from Boulder, Colorado. Managed by Mark Bliesener (used to do Lyle Lovett, Big Head Todd). Here’s a band from my old stomping ground. When I attended the University of Colorado, I watched in real time the upward spiral of bands like The Samples and Big Head Todd. Both actually went somewhere (couple million+ sold between the both of them). Well, Newcomers are doing the roots thing and they sell out the Fox and Boulder Theaters out there. Newest CD recorded with Gary Paczosa (Dixie Chicks). Career sales might be at 12-15K or higher. In all they very well may have grossed 100-110K as a touring indie band (speculation).

I’m still fixated on Iron & Wine’s “Naked As We Came” (Sub Pop 2004). Songwriter Sam Beam is almost perfect. Evocative is an understatement. He’s Damien Rice x 100? Elliot Smith, Simon & Garfunkel…


South African/Australian Jeremy Gregory is signed to Warner Bros. He needs a keyboardist for his band. Leave your band in the dust and join him if ya got the chops. He’s described as a Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway type.


These DVDs are required viewing for struggling musicians, bands and future industry execs. It’s like musicology 101, check out the trailers:

Dig! (our Demo Diaries friends Adam Shore, ex-TVT now Vice Records man, and Nina Ritter, ex-Elektra A&R, are talking heads in this feature–I met her once at her office and she was telling me how she signed Feeder’s first CD for the U.S. Anyhow it’s a brilliant documentary on two supposed rival bands of the late 90s; The Dandy Warhols [who spent $400,000 on their first ever Capitol Records video!] and the insane Brian Jonestown Massacre, a band that got into an internal, blood drawing brawl at their first major label Viper Room showcase for Elektra execs).

Live Forever (how Brit rock broke in the 1990s).

End of the Century (this is the history of The Ramones and how they inspired bands like The Clash, Sex Pistols and a good portion of the music today. Seymour Stein among many others is a talking head in this one. He used to know me and really, really like me. I swear).

Mayor of the Sunset Strip (KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer’s story. Dramarama member turned DJ Chris Carter is a talking head in this one. He used to talk to me on the phone about that band The Wondermints he was intent on breaking).


Grace is an indie band from Wales, UK. Despite offering shite 64k quality, the Welshmen hit me like a mid-spring left hook. I fear they’re happening too fast for their own good. Perhaps they’re rejuvenating my interest in Damien Rice or Ben Folds. To recap, listen to Demo 1 and Demo 2.


Marie. 21 year old from LA who has a publishing deal already. No label yet. Her current management used to handle a worldwide superstar back in the day. Anyhow, she’s keen on the sappy, youth pop so we’ll see what’s in store for her in coming weeks. The tune fits right in with one of them wacky Mandy Moore flics, yea?

Aderbat from Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Bossa nova-esque ditties like this are almost a requirement these days on VW commercials. Produced by Andrew Weiss (Ween, Rollins Band). The band plays NYC’s Pianos 5/31. Who might attend? Octone, Warner Bros, Blu Hammock, ATO, Artemis, Epic, RCA, Or, Columbia.

The Fire and Reason – Electro-rock from NYC. Like an evil Gwen Stefani fronting Primal Scream. Over 16,000 profile views on Myspace and over 5,300 fans in just 5 months. Will be featured in URB Magazine after winning the Team Sleep remix contest. Indie Label interest (Hotfoot Records). Upcoming shows in NYC-The Delancey 7/14, Sin-e 8/3. Check out song “Her Evil”. Contact

Josh O’Connor – Las Vegas singer/songwriter that has teamed up with drummer Anthony Parulli (who also performs as a Blue Man in the Blue Man Group), bass player Mark Piazza, and engineer/producer Jason Cupp (Evanescence, Avril Lavigne, The Valley Arena) to record a full length album come August at Ocean Studios Burbank. “Victorian” ep due out 2nd week in June. Local and industry buzz. Contact through web site.

. . . .

To submit music or make contact just email here


I noticed a 2 month old article on Southeast band picks by Creative Loafing. Eliot Morris is on that list. If I’m not mistaken, I profiled him in fall 2002–he went on to sign a development deal with Strummer/Universal. Unrelated, I also never mentioned that Judd & Maggie (profiled in D. Diaries earlier) ended up on RCA Victor with an album due in August ’05. NYC indie band The Fire and Reason play The Delancey 7/14. Their Myspace page is hitting 17,000 views. Look for them in URB magazine. Capitol Heights, Maryland pop rapper Hitchhiker will remind you of Will Smith meets Puffy meets Tupac. Try “Summer Feeling” featured on his site. Atlanta’s The Bracketts have 11,300 plays at Try their song “American Reason” which is roughly in the Jimmy Eat World vein.


Franklin, Tennessee indie girl Nissi Bergman. 18 years old. On paper it would seem she’s developing like a Howie Day type. 20,000 Myspace views, 6700 friends. Will open for Avril Lavigne, Tyler Hilton. Guided by her production team Jan Smith & Huston Singletary (Rob Thomas, Whitney Houston), she’s more Hot AC (i.e. The Corrs) than Hip AC (i.e. Michelle Branch). Manager is Michael Lorick (tour accountant for Bruce Springsteen). Columbia Records president Steve Greenberg signs Maryland pop rocker Mike Ruocco (of the bands Plunge and SR-71) to a development deal. Steve’s A&R/exec history includes Hanson, Baha Men and Joss Stone. Orlando rock band Big 10-4 signs to Universal.


Bridgeport, Connecticut’s The Alternate Routes. Indie CD released 4 weeks ago. Produced by Jay Joyce (Patty Griffin, John Hiatt). For fans of Ryan Adams, Jayhawks, Finn Brothers, David Gray. It’s melodic-fantastic. Danny Hest is manager. So good, two songs are posted here: “Time is a Runaway” and “Ordinary”.

Austin, TX indie band A New Revolution has their song “Let Go” officially added 8x/week at Emmis owned commercial station KROX-FM. Band members used to be in Unloco and Slaves On Dope. After penning songs for Charlotte Church, Lemar and a host of others, songwriter Wyl-e has the sincere attention of UK publishers Sony, Universal, Notting Hill Music, Modest Music (no deal closed yet). Montreal indie badasses Priestess (posted in D. Diaries March 2005) are being flown to LA (by multiple labels?) for a Spacelend gig on 6/29. Expected are booking agents, publishers and so on…NYC indie band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah were arguably on the radar since December ’04 but it’s just this past Monday that they were graced with David Bowie’s presence at a NYC Knitting Factory show. No doubt their 7/20 Brooklyn Southpaw show will be jampacked up the wazoo (Arcade Fire part 2, haha). Lastly, I cannot resist posting the song “F*ck Me Mummy I Feel Ugly” by Glasgow, UK rockers Mother and The Addicts.


I found myself at the previously mentioned Bell X1 show last night at NYC’s Mercury Lounge. Damien Rice was a former bandmate to these fellas. The draw was about 100 folks. Respectable. Irish expats included. Next stop for them is LA’s KCRW radio. They support Snow Patrol at Ireland’s Fitzgerald Stadium on 7/1. Their records are not licensed in the U.S. Signed to Island UK. 2003 CD went platinum back home. Locals Majorette followed with a set to about 50-60 people. Previously mentioned, this band was formerly Blend Engine and now records for indie label Type A. Previously mentioned Jersey girl Lisa Bouchelle now has 2 indie offers. Yesterday she showcased for Hollywood and Lava at NYC’s Montana Studios. Previously mentioned Doylestown, Pennsylvania band Aderbat plays an industry showcase at NYC’s Arlene Grocery tonight, 8pm. I’ll be there! Ryan McCombs (ex-Soil) to be the new singer for Drowning Pool?


Millie Manning from Northborough, Massachusetts. She’s just 17 and a pleasant, little surprise. Oh how that Natalie Merchant, Beth Orton, Carly Simon sound is sorely missed. It’s back. Produced by Anthony Resta (Collective Soul, Duran Duran).
A.D.D. from Chicago. They return with new songs recorded by Tadpole (Disturbed, 3 Doors Down) at Groovemaster Studios. Hard rock with the female lead is hard to come by nowadays. Shows at Double Door 6/29 and Milwaukee’s Summerfest.
Josh O’Connor from Las Vegas. A young crooner who borrows from Billy Corgan, Sade, Simply Red, Jeff Buckley.
Twin Wrecks the Memory will attempt to destroy Chicago venue The Mutiny on 6/25 followed by a show with The Fags (Sire) on 6/26.


My Missy Higgins digi-photos from last Thursday night came out too dark. I presume she now draws up to 5000 (with support) back home in Sydney. Here in NYC she played to about 70-80 folks, most likely expats.

Tomorrow I’m on the Mercury Lounge guest list to see Aussie band Youth Group (Epitaph) followed by locals Astronaut. In other news, our San Francisco friends Solid State Logic have signed up with producer Sylvia Massy’s label National Recorder/UNI distro. Album being mastered by John Cuniberti (Metallica, Deftones). SSL’s recent draw at San Francisco’s Slims was 500 people.


Madison Fair from Columbia, South Carolina. Lawyer is Richard Gusler. Mastered by Jacquire King (Modest Mouse, Third Eye Blind). Atlantic, Lava, Columbia, Hollywood, Arista on the tip. Not unlike Rob Thomas, Maroon 5, Train. Contact Justin.
Myspace A&R:
Previously posted Gainesville, FL indie band Time has the milestone 10,900 views and an impressive 5581 friends. That’s alot in geek speak. 2005 CD. Buzz 100.5 radio add. 1000 units sold in 4 weeks. No lawyer. Managed by Gold Mountain’s Jerrod Wilkins. They remind me of the now defunct Athenaeum who sold 100,000 on Atlantic in 1998.
Previously mentioned Pennsylvania/Maryland indie boys Malvado return with a 2005 CD. The Sevendust, Deftones boat may have sailed though.


Aubrey Collins from Littleton, Colorado. I posted her a couple of years back. Still only 17, she completed a demo with Trey Bruce (Faith Hill, Trace Adkins). She’s now signed with Monterey Peninsula Artists booking. Legal is Roberts & Ritholz. Again with the Kelly Clarkson, LeAnn Rimes sound. These kids have old souls. I mean she’s as good as this chic Hope Partlow that Virgin is pushing now.


1. Priestess

2. The Alternate Routes

3. Marie

4. Retrograde

5. Nerina Pallot


Where music biz people hang out:
NYC’s Mercury Lounge 7/9 bill, We Are Scientists (Virgin), Bishop Allen (Polyvinyl), Rye Coalition (unsigned). Clap Your Hands Say Yeah @ NYC’s Southpaw 7/20 and Mercury Lounge 7/27 (sold out). NYC’s Sylvie Lewis @ Tonic 6/30 with Jaymay and The Jealous Girlfriends.


The Volunteers – NYC rockers just finished their west coast tour in support of their Onion Magazine approved debut album. Think Elvis Costello meets AC/DC. Industry buzz in NYC and LA. Over 23,000 Myspace plays, site owner Tom is a fan, featured twice on the main page. Check out “So Deep for So Cheap” on Myspace and watch their music video for “Real Man”. Currently shopping for new management. Contact Dan or 212-333-5036.

2 Left Feet – Tallahassee, FL. New album mixed by Dave Dominguez (Papa Roach, Staind), mastered by Dave Collins (Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age). 7000 Myspace fans. Pursuing booking agent, management, legal, and label. NYC show at Knitting Factory on Monday, July 11th @ 11pm. Contact Dwayne Byrd or 850-570-5145.


LA girl Kari Kimmel profiled in D. Diaries September 22, 2003 signs to Virgin (and earlier Chrysalis Publishing). Jacksonville, Florida’s The Summer Obsession profiled October 20, 2004 signed to Virgin. Welsh, UK band Grace profiled May 6, 2005 is signing to Virgin UK. Previously featured NYC act The Exit now goes through Wind-Up Records. Swedish indie band White Silver will do their NYC label showcase 9/12 Arlene’s Grocery @ 8:30. Their song “In Brief” appears in the EA game “Total Club Manager 2006” (Adam Wacht manager). Philly girl Lisa Bouchelle still has activity around here including Atlantic, Virgin, Artemis, Lava, and Blue Note/Manhattan. Atlanta’s Scent arrives in NYC 8/24 for a label showcase at Arlene’s Grocery.


The Five O’Clock Heroes from NYC. When did they make the leap from pseudo indie buzz band to officially recognized industry buzz band? Is there a difference between the two as of late? Produced by Eli Janney (Girls Against Boys, The Rapture, Ryan Adams). Their team consists of manager Pat Carr (used to run Infectious UK label) and lawyers Peter McGaughrin UK and Jeff Worob U.S. (Serling, Rooks & Ferrara). Their press agents are Magnum PR U.S. and Press Counsel PR U.K. Media fans include NME, BBC Radio 1, MTV2 Europe. Most impressive to me is the fact that at one point they played 40 shows in 43 days. Toured with The Bravery, Brendan Benson and The Paddingtons.


Previously mentioned Lisa Bouchelle is scheduled to be the first unsigned artist to secure distribution through a certain major retail chain that’s seen a prominent rise in the past year. Reportedly Blue Note/Manhattan/EMI is the latest to take an interest in her. Photographer Mark Weiss (Bon Jovi, Ozzy, Christina Aguilera, Black Eyed Peas) is a fan and has completed some shoots. Lawyer is Lou Takacs at Davis, Shapiro, Lewit, Montone & Hayes. It’s best to see her stripped down acoustic performance by scheduling a meeting with manager Hal Selzer. Lelia Broussard from Philadelphia. Only 16 years old, this indie girl is developing quite the voice. I dropped in at her NYC Bitter End show last night. Surely I recognized some industry faces, lawyers etc. I hear Columbia is quite interested among others. Producer Russ Titleman (Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, Jimmy Buffett, James Taylor) wants in on it. The rough vocal demo I posted has an uncanny similarity to Tristan Prettyman (Virgin debut August ’05). Radio fans include WXPN. Imogen Heap’s album “Speak for Yourself” had a UK release on 7/18 through her own indie label Megaphonic. Recently, she hit #8 on iTunes UK with “Hide and Seek”. This song was featured for 3 mins on the season finale of The O.C. She is still negotiating a licensing deal for U.S. release. In other news, she’s placed a song on an upcoming “Six Feet Under” DVD in addition to penning a track for a future movie featuring Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo. Her publisher is Rondor/Universal. The “Garden State” soundtrack resurrected her career more or less. She was originally signed to Almo Sounds in 1997.


The Wah Wah’s career looks like it’s gotten off to a good start with the news that legendary U.S. DJ Rodney Bingenheimer has already played a prerelease copy of their new single “Pleasure Yeah Yeah” on his KROQ show ‘Rodney on the Roq’ in L.A. Since he played it, the band have got some interest from a few U.S. companies; one of them is the independent Toucan Cove who have a diverse range of artists. Contact

Dirtywhite Fashion. NEW.ROCK.REAL. Reality Music, the sophomore release from NYC-based rock group Dirtywhite Fashion. Described as “an amalgam of some of the greatest rock acts in recorded history” by Shut Eye Records’ President Pete Knapp, Dirtywhite Fashion has the unmistakable sound of invention and true artistry with their Zeppelin-esque rhythm section, inventive guitar work and lead singer/guitarist Feck’s instantly identifiable voice-ranging from a whisper to a scream to a soaring falsetto. With 3 singles from Reality Music already in the top 20 at, look for Dirtywhite Fashion on the road in November and Reality Music for sale online now! Contact Christie for more info.


More tales of former Demo Diaries bands that got signed:

I had posted Denver band The Fray way back in early spring of 2004. I used to exchange emails with member Joe King. I can tell you that Epic Records wrote me asking how to contact the band. Subsequently Epic signed the band months later. They have a CD due out 9/13 and the first video is “Over My Head (Cable Car)”. Once I brought early songs by NYC’s The Exit into MCA when it was a standalone label. All I got in response was “it’s nice…good”. So, a few years ago I went and saw the band on a random Saturday night at the now defunct Ludlow St. Luna Lounge. I was one of about 8 people there. The drummer was great though. Wind-Up signed and will release the band October ’05 (previously Some Records). NYC’s Morningwood will release their debut Capitol album on 8/30. Years ago I had some brief interactions with the band’s singer Chantal Claret-she talked of encounters with The Strokes and members of Blondie or perhaps it was Moby? Well, as I mentioned in earlier diaries, I posted Morningwood in 2002 and they were discovered in Demo Diaries by what is now The Greenhouse/David Passick Management. I notice they’re getting 19 spins/week on commerical stations like WNNX-FM/Atlanta. Remember that London band The Strays I posted almost a year ago on September 24, 2004? They went on to sign with TVT this past May 2005.


Lava/Atlantic pop band The Click Five just sold 51,541 copies their first week. What the hell is that? No new band does that. I’m thoroughly suspicious and equally enraged. Just kidding. How’d they do it? Well, they basically ripped off Evan & Jaron’s “Crazy for This Girl” and renamed it “Just the Girl”. I’m kidding again. Actually Fountains of Wayne member Adam Schlesinger wrote “Just the Girl” for the band and it was produced by Boston homie Mike Denneen (Aimee Mann, Howie Day). David Chidekel is Click Five’s lawyer and he also represents this 19 year old Hoboken, Georgia indie girl Abby Owens. She’s a bit like Melissa Etheridge, Indigo Girls, Janis Joplin. It appears Universal is flying her to NYC the first week of September. I mentioned unsigned Philly girl Lelia Broussard over a month ago and folks from Lippman Entertainment (Rob Thomas, Matchbox Twenty, Anna Nalick) discovered her in Demo Diaries (they went to her NYC show last Friday). Today’s listening consists of young Irishmen The Wah Wah’s. Hibernating beneath their T. Rex meets early 90s Blur, Suede debauchery is a pleasant dose of thorazine that makes my drool all the sweeter. I want to say they’re influenced by Donovan also but that’s just a flat out lie.


Manchester, England’s Louise Rhodes. You knew her as 1/2 of the trip-hop duo Lamb (video link above, “Gabriel”). They were stars in the UK/Europe but only made small inroads here in the States via powerhouse tastemakers KCRW radio and “Six Feet Under”. Koch distributed their last couple of releases but Rhodes doesn’t have a licensing deal for her first solo CD due in September.


Seattle indie duo Smoosh. Ages 11 and 13, these sisters sound of muddled synth and dorky rhythm. But what do I know, Vice Magazine gave them a “10 out of 10”, Alternative Press a “5 out of 5” while NME called them “the hottest new band in the US underground”. They’re managed by Zeitgeist Artists (Death Cab for Cutie). I’ll venture to say they’re a popified Stereolab under the guise of Hanson’s youth. In reality, the track “Massive Cure” might warrant a nod to The Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star” sans polish. They’re butchered lo-fi, queens of redux….honestly who talks this way? ‘Tis true, music journalism is so over. Smoosh play NYC’s Knitting Factory 8/17 @ 10pm and support Sufjan Stevens at the Bowery Ballroom 8/19. In other news, Molly Beanland of Ipswich, England signs to Island UK. Jacksonville, Florida indie boys The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus play 4 shows in the next month 8/27-9/29. My lips are sealed…hint, hint. They have 357,000 Myspace plays.


William Tell from Orange County. He’s forging ahead with a solo career after leaving Something Corporate a year and a half ago. Still under the guidance of manager Andy Gould (Damian Marley, Jurassic 5, Rob Zombie) and APA Booking. To date, I don’t think he’s signed to a label. Nashville’s Matt Wertz is still indie as far as I know. He continues to have the big guns behind him including Nettwerk Management (Avril Lavigne, Sarah McLachlan, Arctic Monkeys) and CAA booking. I believe he’s currently recording in the studio with producers Dave Barnes and Ed Cash.

Paul Manousos’ solo debut For Better or Worse introduces audiences to a passionate, charismatic singer/songwriter whose talents are no secret to in-the-know music lovers worldwide. The 12 tracks produced by Steve Fisk (Nirvana, Soundgarden) and mastered by Greg Calbi (John Lennon, Bob Dylan) range from radio-ready conscious pop and searing anthems to haunting ballads. All are potent, stick-in-your-head tunes that evidence Paul�s growing reputation as a songwriter to watch in addition to his renown as an incendiary performer. In support of his new release, Paul will be featured on KFOG radio in San Francisco as an emerging local artist beginning in September and has plans to be back out on the road in the U.S. in October.


Norwegian 24 year old Lene Marlin has sold about 2.3 million albums in Europe (EMI Virgin). Quite frankly, I’ve never heard of her until today. She sounds and looks like Jewel. I’m to assume she’s never been licensed in the U.S.? Hey, the Imogen Heap video for “Hide and Seek” is now viewable. Her album is still not out in the States. Look for her on “The OC 2” soundtrack as well. Eloquently put, the new Simple Minds CD (Sanctuary) will probably stink. The new Echo & The Bunnymen CD (Cooking Vinyl) will stink less. Above links are to their latest videos.

[–Demo of the Day–]

Tampa Bay, Florida’s Suburban Tragedy. As previously mentioned, sales leading up to the newest release log in at around 10,000. Tampa Bay WSUN-FM commercial radio program director Shark tells Demo Diaries,

“There’s some real solid music coming from these guys.”

December 16, 2005

Guillemots seem to be a very popular London indie band albeit a bit offbeat. They completed support dates with Rufus Wainwright and just released music on the Fantastic Plastic label. Their London Borderline show was sold out recently (300 folks) and research says they appear to be on several internet m essage boards heralded as “a brilliant band”. For a short time you can stream their “Trains to Brazil” single on the Demo Diaries player.

Other News: UK band Seven Seals signed with V2 some time ago and expect an ’06 release produced by Yorkie (of 90s UK band Space). Canadian female 5 piece The Organ signed with Too Pure/Beggars. They’re consistently compared to Debbie Harry and early Cure.

December 15, 2005

Moving Units are gonna leave the Palm Pictures label, so they’ll be free agents. Already in talks with a few new industry folks. The above is a Myspace link with some new lo-fi demos posted. January 27 show at House of Blues (Anaheim). They have a healthy 141,000 Myspace plays and 12,000 friends.

December 13, 2005

Nottingham, UK indie band Story One have something to show with their Tindersticks, Thom Yorke, Jeff Buckley sound. What you want to do is hit their music page and skip to the song “Clementine”. The Simon Lawler (Shed Seven, Mark Burgess) managed indie UK band Iko is for those who fancy a straightforward pop rock band vaguely influenced by Placebo, The Music, Starsailor, Radiohead, early Smashing Pumpkins. On the other hand, it sounds like singer Kieran Scragg just took a long, fat swig from a helium balloon. Iko has a 10 song CD complete which can be sampled right here.

Band manager/Trump Card Records owner Richard Williams, who helped launch artists like Self (Spongebath/Dreamworks) and Van Hunt (Capitol), tells Demo Diaries,

“Suburban Tragedy’s ‘Epitome of Me’ was added to ‘Repeat it or Delete it’ on 97x (WSUN Tampa, FL). They beat out Atreyu, Yellow Card, POD and Blink 182. They are now on the top 5 at 9. They have been beating out Fall Out Boy, which came in second. ST will be playing the 97X ‘The Next Big Thing’ show in December in front of 15 to 20 thousand people.”

Demo “Epitome of Me”
Demo “Goodbye, Goodluck, Goodnight”

Contact is manager Richard Williams

December 11, 2005

Is it true? Radiohead in negotiations to score the upcoming Richard Linklater film A Scanner Darkly (Warner films)?

Come to think of it, what else will the UK/Ireland export to America in 2006?

Richard Ashcroft’s video is now posted. You know his new CD comes out in the UK on Parlophone/EMI Records January 23. The U.S. release date TBD. The “Break the Night With Colour” single is a bit mundane and there’s no way he’ll break in the U.S. (again). Shucks, he’s still so cool though. Bollocks! Ashcroft’s wife Kate Radley used to play with Spiritualized who have an April 4 release date on Sanctuary Records. To date, Idlewild hasn’t necessarily closed a deal with a new label after departing the Parlophone/EMI family. They can’t break in the U.S. either. Hard-Fi has no concrete U.S. release date (Warner family). Bell X1 (Universal) has no U.S. release date; neither do their Island Records UK mates Cherryfalls and Fightstar (those grungy London kids). The Go! Team, they came out in the States last Oct. 4–Columbia must still be working them…somehow…er..somewhere…in some market here. Editors made some UK noise in ’05 on label Kitchenware/Sony. No news on any U.S. release for them. South will put out a 2006 full length on Young American Recordings (the same label doing the APB re-issue. You remember APB had that 80s modern rock hit “Shoot You Down”). UB40 will put out their 23rd album in America on 1/24 via Rhino Records.

Let’s take a break for a moment and nominate the “Remixer” of the moment: Kevin Shields (formerly of My Bloody Valentine). He’s ubiquitous. It’s disturbing.

Morrissey will release “Ringleader of The Tormentors” produced by Tony Visconti. Astralwerks Records is mad in 2006 with U.S. releases from Gemma Hayes, Fatboy Slim, Badly Drawn Boy, Placebo and Beth Orton. Van Morrison returns with a standards album. Belle and Sebastian will be releasing a new 13 song CD ‘The Life Pursuit’ in North America (under license from Rough Trade) on February 7. Scottish band Mogwai (Matador) has a new CD hitting U.S. streets in March. Arab Strap follows its Europe release with a Stateside deal on indie Transdreamer Records. Mute brings back Goldfrapp in March for another CD. Oh how that Goldfrapp website is annoying, so so annoying. Vice Records continues with The Streets third LP this Spring while V2 hustles its Sheridan Square owned arse to prep U.S. marketing plans for The Rakes and Elbow. Noisettes should see a release on Interscope come Spring and Razorlight (Universal) may be scheduled for their sophomore LP in June. William Orbit’s new forthcoming album “Hello Waveforms” will be released on Sanctuary records February 7th for the USA. Towers of London are holed up in a Los Angeles studio till 12/23 recording for a 2006 TVT release. The KT Tunstall record drops 2/7 in the States through Virgin Records. Simple Minds make another go at it by releasing a U.S. full length via Sanctuary in April. Former Kinks man Ray Davies puts out his LP �Other People’s Lives� on V2 February 7. Saint Etienne hits U.S. shores 1/24 via the Savoy Jazz label–Feb 13 NYC Irving Plaza show as well. Arctic Monkeys’ CD “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not” will have a UK release 1/30, no word on U.S. commitments yet. The Mylo LP comes out here 2/7 on Breastfed/RCA. Louise Rhodes (formerly of Lamb) has no U.S. date yet for her first solo outing “Beloved One”. The Corrs have a new Mitchell Froom produced CD out in the States on Rhino/Atlantic 2/7. No U.S. date for David Gilmour’s (Pink Floyd) new EMI solo CD out 3/6 in the UK (his last solo album was 22 years ago). Graham Coxon (Blur) sees a UK release on Parlophone 3/13. Elton John to release “Captain Fantastic and the Kid” 3/21. Buzzcocks new album due on Merge Records in March. The Fiery Furnaces “Bitter Tea” due on Rough Trade in coming months. Elvis Costello collaborates with Allen Toussaint for a 2006 CD on Verve Records. Travis finishes up its Nigel Godrich produced CD for ’06 release. The Prodigy will put out both a “Greatest Hits” collection (Feb. 7) and an entire new full length later in ’06. Massive Attack aim for a new September ’06 release (guests include Liz Fraser of Cocteau Twins). Snow Patrol will put out a new Garrett Lee produced CD in ’06. Keane will also hit the streets with a new Andy Green produced album as early as May ’06. Ian Brown (of Stone Roses) will try to get a new CD out next summer or fall. Notably Blur hopes to get a new EP out in ’06.

And all the following may or may not have scheduled releases throughout 2006: David Bowie (ISO/Columbia), Jeff Beck (Epic), former Spice Girl Emma Bunton (19 Records/Universal), Psychedelic Furs’ Richard Butler (Koch), The Cure (Sanctuary), The Delays (Rough Trade, February), Def Leppard (covers CD on Universal), Embrace (Lava), Duran Duran (Epic), Roxy Music (9 songs finished to date), Bauhaus (a reunion CD?), and The Charlatans (Sanctuary) who completed recording a new CD last month at London�s Townhouse studios.

Other News:

Big Hassle Management’s Dawn Barger tells Demo Diaries,

“The Decemberists have signed to Capitol. We’re still working out recording dates and thus release dates.”

December 8, 2005

Jenny Owen Youngsis a 24 year old indie girl from NYC. For months we’ve been keeping tabs on her. In a parallel universe she’s an aspiring Erin Mckeown (Nettwerk Records), Rachael Yamagata (RCA Victor) or Frente (remember Frente! on Mammoth Records/Atlantic in the 1990s?). But back here she’s just good, but not very good or great yet. Nevertheless, Youngs wouldn’t be posted here if she wasn’t going to end up on say Rounder Records/Universal, Manhattan/EMI, Matador, Drag City or even Nettwerk. She plays Los Angeles tonight and returns to NYC 12/21 sharing a benefit bill with Duncan Sheik at the Living Room. She’s managed by Nicole Martin (Rachael Yamagata) and uses Emily Lichter for PR (Andrew Bird, Sandra Bernhard, Melissa Ferrick, Janis Ian, Chris Whitley).

November 30, 2005

Demo Diaries was mentioned in Billboard’s December 3 issue, page 40. Demo Diaries website was the source for “The Beat” column’s story on Q Prime’s new label Grunion Records. Demo Diaries has appeared in Billboard Magazine a grand total of 3 times now.

November 21, 2005

The Voom Blooms are a bunch of Loughborough, England indie kids whose pop rock arrogance, albeit involuntary, will find its way across the ’06 starting line prematurely but with gusto and a cushy destiny. Together only 6 months, these good looking coots have already found themselves propagated by Channel 4, BBC’s Lamacq, and the In The City music conference. Imagine all this after the boys rushed to record a 4 song demo locally in less than a day’s time? Yes, it’s the truth. The band may have plans to record 5 new songs with producer Paul Tipler (Idlewild, Stereolab, Elastica) at Sahara Sound in December. Voom Blooms manager Nathan Leeks (who handles The Paddingtons and producer Owen Morris [Oasis, The Verve]) tells Demo Diaries,

“I’m waiting for confirmation today of a 14 date club NME tour in Jan/Feb, there is a huge demand from promoters for the band.”

Matt Bates at Primary Talent International (Oasis, The Cure etc..) has decided to take on booking duties while Charlotte Saxe at Spraggon, Stennett, Brabyn is now legal. Apparently 6 major labels and 4 publishers have begun calling on the band suggesting a legitimate swell of enthusiasm and anticipation around their music as the new year approaches. For a limited time get their MP3 demo “Politics and Cigarettes”.

Other News:
After long term development with producer/writer Dave Bassett (Evan & Jaron, Flashlight Brown, Luna Halo), Ohio’s Gran Bel Fisher (better known as Jesse Littleton) signed to Hollywood Records two weeks ago.

November 16, 2005

Bad Timing?

About 6 months old now, the final season trailer for “Six Feet Under” is a lesson on how it’s done. Australian girl Sia Furler (Zero 7) is the musical backdrop. She is also found on the new Derailed trailer starring Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owens. Sia was signed to Universal UK label Go Beat Records before inclusion of “Breathe Me” on the “Six Feet Under Vol 2” 2005 soundtrack but rumor has it sluggish 2004 sales of her “Colour of the Small One” CD got her dropped (Beck even co-wrote a song on this record). In the meantime, Go Beat’s major U.S. counterpart Interscope Records never released the album in America, however, our neighbors to the north Universal Canada did move on the option. The Astralwerks/EMI label (home to Chemical Brothers, Brian Eno, Air) produced the “Vol 2” 2005 soundtrack so leave it to them to finally put out Sia’s “old” full length in the States come January 2006.

Astralwerks general manager Errol Kolosine tells Demo Diaries, “Our edition will feature bonus tracks”. Sia is published by EMI (“Breathe me” is a co-write with Dan Carey).

Breathe Me Video

Other News:
Unsigned band Suburban Tragedy “Epitome of Me” 97x radio Tampa Bay, Florida add to come? They have been invited to play “97x Next Big Thing Five” Fest with Staind, Trapt, My Chemical Romance and Our Lady Peace.
Ron Delsener will now promote touring bands at NYC venue Avalon known for its famous DJ nights.

November 15, 2005

Previously signed to London Records and Warner/Chappell Publishing, Brit songwriter Gary O’Brien now performs with new indie band Lucho. This moody, new folk soundtrack might find comfort in a quiet winter corridor since left vacant by lyric-centric staples Cat Stevens and Crosby, Stills & Nash.

Atlanta indie boy Sam Thacker is now up to 15 spins/week at Top 40 radio WHTF-FM in Tallahassee, Florida. Currently managed by Simon Horrocks (Blue Epic) with legal by Kent Marcus at Zumwalt, Almon & Hayes (Kings of Leon, Vertical Horizon, Faith Hill).

November 10, 2005

Alexi Murdoch is a Brit songwriter in Los Angeles. To date, he’s officially ubiquitous with inclusion of his 2002 song “Orange Sky” (Mind Blue Music/ASCAP) on this trailer to the current Warner film “Paradise Now”. Even before this, you heard him on a Honda commercial, Dawson’s Creek, KCRW-FM and The O.C. and Garden State soundtracks in addition to being featured in just about every arts weekly and national music mag across the country. He’s continued to run on the fumes of the three year old “Four Songs” EP independently pressing 40,000 copies to consumer demand with only a few hundred left to sell (making him’s best seller of all time). The mastering of a new self-produced full length due in the first quarter of 2006 is being handled by none other than Bob Ludwig. Right at this moment Murdoch is still “unsigned” in both a label and publishing capacity years after turning down major deals at the onset of his budding Nick Drake, Damien Rice like popularity. He preferred to play the indie card but inevitably it’ll be no surprise if he signs a major distribution deal simply because it will help him MORE than he can help himself. Redundant yet relevant examples of organic-folk artists passing the torch to major labels/distro include Jack Johnson and Hootie/Blowfish. Murdoch now uses Gary Gersh as manager, Gary Stiffelman legal (Korn, Fleetwood Mac) and is booked by High Road Touring (Ryan Adams, Aimee Mann).

November 7, 2005

Q Prime Launching Label
by Gary Savelson

Veteran artist managers Cliff Burnstein and Peter Mensch are again expanding their management company into the recording arena with an as yet to be named label. Previously the Q Prime pair joined Zomba Music Group in helming Volcano Records before selling off their 50% share. With 25+ years of experience guiding the careers of such artists as Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shania Twain, Smashing Pumpkins, Madonna and Garbage, the Q Prime staff are set to officially release up to 4 records a year beginning in 2006. The label’s first U.S. signing is Watford, UK band Mohair, a quirky classic-rock outfit produced by fellow Brits Mark Wallis (U2, Travis, The Smiths) and musician David Ruffy (The Ruts, Atzec Camera, Sinead O�Connor). Says Q Prime’s Walter Flakus (formerly of gold selling act Stabbing Westward and XM Satellite Radio),

“Mohair is the first act I brought to the table. We’re very excited about launching the label with them. We’re keeping everything quite small”.

Back at home in the UK, Mohair will release the album “Small Talk” on their own Ear Candy Records label preceded by the new single “End of the Line”. In actuality the better song off their CD is titled “Life”.

November 4, 2005

Try my premiere Demo Diaries Podcast. 3 unsigned songs, limited voiceover, straight to the point. Now ya get to hear my flitty, no frills DJ voice. DemoDiaries Podcast Nov 4. 12 second broadband download including clips from Matt Woods, Beth Anderson and Jupiter One.

Missed yesterday’s video post? It was Dallas indie band Bril currently released through small label Kirtland/RED.

Still building indie buzz across the pond is Newcastle’s Kubichek with their “Nightjoy” video.


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